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32 Individuals with the FOXLEY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FOXLEY, Agnes1598
FOXLEY, Dorothy1553
FOXLEY, Edward1593
FOXLEY, Elizabeth1588
FOXLEY, Emma1607
FOXLEY, Frances1601
FOXLEY, Francis
FOXLEY, Francis1590
FOXLEY, Francis15567 Dec 1617
FOXLEY, FrancisABT. 1553
FOXLEY, Gearge30 Jan 1585/1586
FOXLEY, Isabel
FOXLEY, Isabell12961323
FOXLEY, Isabell12961323
FOXLEY, Isabell1296
FOXLEY, John1523
FOXLEY, John1582
FOXLEY, JohnABT. 14709 Jan 1533/34
FOXLEY, JohnABT. 152815 Mar 1561/62
FOXLEY, MarieABT. 1695
FOXLEY, Mary1604
FOXLEY, Richard2 Apr 1595
FOXLEY, Sarah161020 May 1636
FOXLEY, SarahABT. 157529 May 1636
FOXLEY, Thomas1584
FOXLEY, Thomas1270
FOXLEY, ThomasABT. 1500
FOXLEY, Thomas1270
FOXLEY, Thomas1270
FOXLEY, Thomas Sir
FOXLEY, William21 Feb 1591/1592

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