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54 Individuals with the FEAGLEY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FEAGLEY, (Infant)29 NOV 1900
FEAGLEY, Alice "Edna"6 SEP 1908AFT SEP 1996
FEAGLEY, Anna J.30 OCT 189203 OCT 1959
FEAGLEY, Bertha20C.
FEAGLEY, Charles S.02 JUL 18831931
FEAGLEY, David AlanSEP 186722 JUN 1906
FEAGLEY, David H.20 AUG 1871
FEAGLEY, Effie May9 JUN 191026 DEC
FEAGLEY, ElizabethABT 1839
FEAGLEY, Emanuel Ludwig19 SEP 185109 AUG 1911
FEAGLEY, George Willis2 DEC 1869
FEAGLEY, HarmonABT 1835
FEAGLEY, Henry Wilburn21 FEB 187423 MAR 1957
FEAGLEY, HerbertMAR 1899
FEAGLEY, Hezekiah C.22 MAR 190525 NOV 1992
FEAGLEY, Ida Elenore20C.
FEAGLEY, Isaac "Hiram"15 JUN 19023 JUN 1973
FEAGLEY, Isaac "Larkin"17 NOV 186718 APR 1950
FEAGLEY, James M.17 JUN 1875
FEAGLEY, Janie Belle21 JAN 18994 AUG 1936
FEAGLEY, Jefferson Harmon23 MAY 186726 AUG 1893
FEAGLEY, Jessie Mae13 JUL 18972 JAN 1989
FEAGLEY, John5 APR 183121 MAR 1916
FEAGLEY, John W.6 APR 186622 JUL 1945
FEAGLEY, Joseph Nealy12 AUG 1875
FEAGLEY, Margaret LydiaABT 1830
FEAGLEY, Marion Edward15 APR 191722 JUL 1917
FEAGLEY, Mark W.ABT 1863BEF 1898
FEAGLEY, Mark Whittaker6 APR 183821 MAR 1914
FEAGLEY, Mary Ann29 MAY 18781961
FEAGLEY, Mary Hester8 FEB 1916AFT SEP 1996
FEAGLEY, Mary J.ABT 1874
FEAGLEY, Maude B.189428 NOV 1971
FEAGLEY, Myrtie "Myree"16 MAY 189628 FEB 1952
FEAGLEY, Nancy Elizabeth17 NOV 1861JAN 1936
FEAGLEY, Nancy Ruhama19 SEP 18615 JUN 1929
FEAGLEY, Rhoda E.19C.
FEAGLEY, Rosa Elma02 DEC 188524 JAN 1960
FEAGLEY, Ross A.20C.
FEAGLEY, Samuel20 FEB 183325 MAR 1912
FEAGLEY, SarahBEF 1880
FEAGLEY, Stephen M.APR 19001972
FEAGLEY, SusannahABT 1789
FEAGLEY, Thelma20C.
FEAGLEY, Theresa20C.
FEAGLEY, Thurman U.20C.
FEAGLEY, Vandora "Dora" AnnABT 1869
FEAGLEY, Walter C.189412 FEB 1959
FEAGLEY, Walter E.20C.
FEAGLEY, William "Kenneth"18 FEB 1895

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