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65 Individuals with the FOGEL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FOGEL, Abraham Lorinez23 Jul 1844
FOGEL, Amelia C
FOGEL, Augusta30 JUN 186127 MAR 1915
FOGEL, Benjamin24 Nov 1866
FOGEL, Chune
FOGEL, Flora
FOGEL, Frida4 Jul 18891 Oct 1891
FOGEL, Honi7 Feb 1890
FOGEL, Honi183522 Apr 1874
FOGEL, Honi31 Mar 1893
FOGEL, Ignatz
FOGEL, IgnatzABT. 184827 May 1893
FOGEL, Ignatz Natzi
FOGEL, Jonas
FOGEL, Jonas1 Nov 188716 Nov 1891
FOGEL, Jonas
FOGEL, Josef21 Jan 187428 May 1876
FOGEL, Josef183926 Jul 1859
FOGEL, Jozsef30 Mar 1892
FOGEL, Jozsef28 Feb 189325 Jan 1895
FOGEL, Jules
FOGEL, Jules
FOGEL, Julianna14 Sep 1845
FOGEL, Katalin4 Jan 1876
FOGEL, Keith
FOGEL, LajosABT. 186021 Jan 1883
FOGEL, Lebi Ignatz17 Mar 1871
FOGEL, Living
FOGEL, Living
FOGEL, Living
FOGEL, Living
FOGEL, Living
FOGEL, Living
FOGEL, Living
FOGEL, Mali4 Apr 1895
FOGEL, Mali15 Dec 1872
FOGEL, Margarita29 Jun 1853
FOGEL, Miczi5 Mar 1891
FOGEL, Mili29 Apr 1895
FOGEL, Minnie
FOGEL, Moritz29 Nov 1890
FOGEL, Mozses
FOGEL, Mozses23 Oct 1864
FOGEL, Mozses
FOGEL, Natzi23 Jul 1862
FOGEL, Peter20 Jun 18911 Aug 1892
FOGEL, Peter
FOGEL, Peter8 Dec 1868
FOGEL, Robert Stanley16 FEB 1962
FOGEL, Robert William
FOGEL, Roza16 Sep 1871
FOGEL, Roza10 Jan 1893
FOGEL, Samson18734 Jun 1876
FOGEL, Samuel23 Nov 1892
FOGEL, Samuel1857
FOGEL, Sari2 Aug 1877
FOGEL, Viktor22 Dec 18884 Feb 1891
FOGEL, Zali9 Feb 1881

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