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26 Individuals with the FOWLKES Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FOWLKES, Alice M.12 MAY 19017 JUL 1901
FOWLKES, Anna Dance5 APR 1894
FOWLKES, Betty Oscar3 JAN 1889
FOWLKES, Brenda Lee
FOWLKES, Edward F.1794/18141825/1900
FOWLKES, Erma Edward19 DEC 189228 FEB 1945
FOWLKES, Eucebia Preston27 JAN 189813 MAR 1940
FOWLKES, Fannie Bedford25 AUG 188413 DEC 1918
FOWLKES, Jane27 AUG 1863
FOWLKES, Jane27 AUG 1863
FOWLKES, John Abner
FOWLKES, John Abner
FOWLKES, John Abner2 OCT 191522 NOV 1993
FOWLKES, John E.8 MAR 18582 AUG 1914
FOWLKES, Lucy Eanes26 NOV 1886
FOWLKES, Maebelle
FOWLKES, McKinnon Bennett
FOWLKES, Myrtis Virginia26 AUG 1896
FOWLKES, Ruth Owen22 SEP 1890
FOWLKES, Thompson
FOWLKES, William S.
FOWLKES, Willie A.186112 SEP 1907

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