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212 Individuals with the FLICK Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FLICK, AbrahamAPR 1813DEC 1870
FLICK, Adolph Wilhelm9 MAR 1812FEB 1849
FLICK, Alice M.16 AUG 1869
FLICK, Amanda Elmina6 SEP 186814 MAR 1937
FLICK, Anna Catharina14 SEP 178421 JAN 1785
FLICK, Anna Catharina30 JAN 1789
FLICK, Anna Elisabeth17801836
FLICK, Anna Gertrud30 SEP 1786
FLICK, Anna M.24 NOV 1871
FLICK, Anna Margaretha18 AUG 1756
FLICK, Anna Maria17641848
FLICK, Anna Maria12 APR 1788
FLICK, Anna Marie11 Feb 18411869
FLICK, Annette
FLICK, Avis Maxine28 JAN 1930
FLICK, Barbara1 APR 1781
FLICK, Barbara May6 May 1956
FLICK, Bebra
FLICK, Benjamin2 MAR 1782
FLICK, Bernard R.ABT 1925
FLICK, BerthaJUN 1876
FLICK, Beulah Bell26 JUL 1890
FLICK, Beverly Ann5 MAR 1956
FLICK, Blanche Pearl5 NOV 188219 OCT 1940
FLICK, Carol
FLICK, Carrie LynnPrivate
FLICK, Catharina Gertrude8 APR 1736
FLICK, Catherine17591808
FLICK, Catherine1762
FLICK, Catherine
FLICK, CatherineABT 1810ABT 1863
FLICK, CatherineABT 1802
FLICK, Catherine12 MAR 178910 NOV 1846
FLICK, Catherine14 Jul 184718 May 1885
FLICK, Charles13 AUG 180328 SEP 1887
FLICK, Charles B.18661897
FLICK, Charles S18671927
FLICK, Christian Jonas11 JUL 166929 JAN 1730
FLICK, Christina1809
FLICK, Chun15401621
FLICK, Clyde D.7 APR 1926
FLICK, Dale Weston18 MAR 1927
FLICK, David R.183329 NOV 1916
FLICK, Dawn Denise
FLICK, Debbie
FLICK, Effie E.27 JAN 182121 MAR 1898
FLICK, Elizabeth
FLICK, Elizabeth1768
FLICK, Elizabeth18111887
FLICK, Elizabeth
FLICK, Elizabeth21 MAY 1791
FLICK, Elizabeth25 OCT 1786
FLICK, Ellen
FLICK, Elsie Letitia9 NOV 1887
FLICK, Emma A.18631866
FLICK, Enchen
FLICK, EstherABT 1862
FLICK, Frances Augusta20 Feb 18871 May 1937
FLICK, Francis MarionABT 1932UNKNOWN
FLICK, Frank Willis14 DEC 187317 AUG 1951
FLICK, Genevieve Beatrice10 JAN 191619 OCT 1995
FLICK, George
FLICK, GeorgeDEC 1878
FLICK, Gerlach Paul7 MAR 173121 JAN 1826
FLICK, Gerlach Paul19 NOV 177714 SEP 1856
FLICK, Gerlach Paul4 JUN 1795
FLICK, Gertrante17828 NOV 1846
FLICK, Gloria Jean29 OCT 1947
FLICK, Hanna30 NOV 1861ABT 1934
FLICK, Hannah18311913
FLICK, Harry Woodward14 MAR 18764 NOV 1954
FLICK, Henrietta
FLICK, Henrietta Catherine6 JAN 186713 MAR 1957
FLICK, HenryABT 1812
FLICK, HenryABT 1748BEF 19 DEC 1820
FLICK, Henry27 JUN 17809 DEC 1867
FLICK, HermanAUG 1862
FLICK, IsaacABT 1808
FLICK, Jacob30 MAY 17809 APR 1809
FLICK, Jacob
FLICK, Jacob14 JUN 1793
FLICK, Jacob Edward19 SEP 18781964
FLICK, James12 JAN 195127 OCT 1986
FLICK, Jesse16 MAY 18397 APR 1910
FLICK, Jesse18051839
FLICK, Johann Daniel17451820
FLICK, Johann Jacob17861857
FLICK, Johann Jost2 JUL 1747
FLICK, Johann Jost169527 SEP 1785
FLICK, Johann MARTIN1650MAY 1714
FLICK, Johann Martinus Wilhelmus26 DEC 174415 MAY
FLICK, Johannes Friedericus21 JUN 17397 APR 1809
FLICK, Johannes Peter24 JUL 172924 OCT 1806
FLICK, JohnPrivate
FLICK, John18141905
FLICK, John13 AUG 184823 AUG 1848
FLICK, John1 JAN 17831 JAN 1869
FLICK, JohnABT 1804
FLICK, John1 APR 18074 OCT 1877
FLICK, John Casper22 JUN 175822 FEB 1833
FLICK, John E.19 FEB 1858
FLICK, John Lucas17 MAR 187125 MAY 1963
FLICK, John Walter9 JUL 1953
FLICK, Jonas10 SEP 18343 MAR 1903
FLICK, Jonas20 JUN 179115 FEB 1846
FLICK, Jonas16252 SEP 1705
FLICK, Jonas Johann Christian28 MAR 170021 JAN 1788
FLICK, Joseph
FLICK, Joseph1797
FLICK, Joseph EdwardOct 1879
FLICK, Josephine LABT 19058 NOV 1991
FLICK, Josephine LABT 19058 NOV 1991
FLICK, Judith Ann
FLICK, Julianna15 JUL 1817
FLICK, JuneABT 1867
FLICK, Karen Linda29 OCT 1951
FLICK, Katherine
FLICK, Kathryn Lavern15 AUG 1956
FLICK, Kenneth Lavern24 MAR 1924
FLICK, Kenneth William19 JUL 1967
FLICK, Laura Jane30 MAR 1964
FLICK, Laura Maye5 AUG 18804 JAN 1931
FLICK, Lillie MayABT 1874
FLICK, Lois Jean16 NOV 1953
FLICK, Louise Wilhelmina
FLICK, Lucina27 APR 1820
FLICK, LydiaABT 1802ABT 1872
FLICK, Lydia1799
FLICK, Lydia18011889
FLICK, Margaret
FLICK, Margaret3 FEB 178523 APR 1836
FLICK, Maria18361925
FLICK, Maria13 FEB 183610 DEC 1925
FLICK, Maria Magdalena3 JAN 179716 MAR 1853
FLICK, Maria Magdaline24 OCT 17749 FEB 1859
FLICK, Maria Margaret25 MAY 1819
FLICK, Maria Margaretha7 FEB 1741
FLICK, Marie13 DEC 1789
FLICK, Marjorie
FLICK, MARTIN176014 JUL 1842
FLICK, Mary1870
FLICK, Mary Caroline15 MAY 184422 FEB 1922
FLICK, Mary Caroline3 NOV 18705 MAR 1926
FLICK, Mary Ellen24 JAN 18711 NOV 1931
FLICK, Matilda Jane
FLICK, Matthias23 MAR 17497 APR 1809
FLICK, Mina Elizabeth12 FEB 188528 APR 1955
FLICK, Minnie
FLICK, NancyPrivate
FLICK, Oliver
FLICK, Orpha6 JAN 18383 JAN 1899
FLICK, PaulABT 18061859
FLICK, Pauline
FLICK, Pauline Love17 OCT 1920
FLICK, Philip
FLICK, Philip Lawrence
FLICK, Philipp Henrich12 JUL 173317 NOV 1803
FLICK, Raachel NicolePrivate
FLICK, Rachel Regina24 Aug 184521 Jan 1920
FLICK, RebeccaABT 1818
FLICK, Rebecca21 AUG 1803
FLICK, Reuben4 JUL 183520 JUN 1918
FLICK, Reuben Jay
FLICK, Robert Harbison23 FEB 1918
FLICK, Robinson Young28 JUL 18348 DEC 1898
FLICK, Rudolph John13 APR 1904APR 1977
FLICK, Rudolph John26 APR 19282 AUG 1929
FLICK, Russell
FLICK, Samantha
FLICK, Sarah26 SEP 1822
FLICK, Sarah1841
FLICK, SarahSEP 1798
FLICK, Sarah Harbison15 MAR 1884Unknown
FLICK, Sarah Malinda26 JAN 18751927
FLICK, Sofya18 NOV 177918 MAR 1841
FLICK, Stephanie23 AUG 1973
FLICK, Stephanie23 AUG 1973
FLICK, StephenABT 1825
FLICK, Susan1800
FLICK, Susanna17661848
FLICK, SusannaABT 1828
FLICK, Sylvester
FLICK, Terry L.26 DEC 1954
FLICK, Terry L.26 DEC 1954
FLICK, Thomas EarnistPrivate
FLICK, Walter Edward3 OCT 189211 NOV 1981
FLICK, Walter Edward22 SEP 1955
FLICK, Wilhelm6 AUG 178325 SEP 1783
FLICK, Wilhelm Theodore11 MAY 1727
FLICK, WilliamABT 1836
FLICK, William Henry18 JUN 185927 AUG 1926
FLICK, William JJan 1864
FLICK, William JamesUnknown1908
FLICK, William James24 JUL 1947
FLICK, Worden J.7 APR 192621 MAR 1944
FLICK, Zachary ThomasPrivate

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