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27 Individuals with the FAWLKS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FAWLKS, Avenell
FAWLKS, Bernice1882
FAWLKS, Bessie1884
FAWLKS, Beulah
FAWLKS, Charlie1892
FAWLKS, Clyde1900
FAWLKS, Delbert
FAWLKS, Eloise
FAWLKS, Eula1904
FAWLKS, Geraldine
FAWLKS, Harold
FAWLKS, Hattie1896
FAWLKS, Junior
FAWLKS, Lester18901976
FAWLKS, Living
FAWLKS, Living
FAWLKS, Living
FAWLKS, MarthaABT 1728ABT 1745/1828
FAWLKS, Maude1886
FAWLKS, Mildred
FAWLKS, Rose1898
FAWLKS, Walter , Junior
FAWLKS, Walter , Senior1894
FAWLKS, William18561922
FAWLKS, Zollie1888

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