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69 Individuals with the DULAIN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
DULAIN, Anne3 AUG 1837
DULAIN, Anne Charlotte8 JUN 1865
DULAIN, Anne Elisabeth20 FEB 1860
DULAIN, Anne Elisabeth17 NOV 1859
DULAIN, Anne Elisabeth29 JUN 1859
DULAIN, Anne Elisabeth28 JAN 1860
DULAIN, Anne Elizabeth7 DEC 180312 OCT 1886
DULAIN, Anne Francoise22 JUL 180814 MAY 1892
DULAIN, Anne Rosalie22 MAR 183028 JUN 1930
DULAIN, Anne Rosalie21 AUG 1865
DULAIN, Athanase1873/1874
DULAIN, Athanase Brice25 SEP 1824
DULAIN, Catherine1867/1868
DULAIN, Cyrille Louis Martin17 NOV 1821
DULAIN, Elizabeth11 DEC 1896
DULAIN, Eudes Walter15 OCT 1795
DULAIN, Francois11 DEC 1853
DULAIN, Francois14 APR 1823
DULAIN, Francois1852/185327 FEB 1883
DULAIN, Francois Jovite5 OCT 1861DEC 1940
DULAIN, Francoise4 DEC 1836
DULAIN, Francoise12 MAR 1863
DULAIN, Francoise Anne24 SEP 18621 FEB 1952
DULAIN, Genevieve29 OCT 1857
DULAIN, Genevieve Agathe2 SEP 1867
DULAIN, Genevieve Eugenie21 APR 1860
DULAIN, Gervais1856/1857
DULAIN, Guillaume24 JAN 1858
DULAIN, Jacques1876/1877
DULAIN, Jean Chrysostome2 NOV 1856
DULAIN, Jean Denis14 MAY 1828
DULAIN, Jean Guillaume24 APR 1862
DULAIN, Jean Toussaint6 OCT 1862
DULAIN, Jeanne
DULAIN, Jeanne26 JAN 18117 FEB 1831
DULAIN, Jeffery1876/1877
DULAIN, Joseph1875/1876
DULAIN, Joseph Josue6 APR 1844
DULAIN, Joseph Julien27 MAR 1835
DULAIN, Joseph Liboire28 MAR 1858
DULAIN, Jovite Alexis16 JUL 183424 NOV 1916
DULAIN, Judith Mathilde12 OCT 18278 MAR 1835
DULAIN, Julie15 NOV 1843
DULAIN, Julienne6 OCT 1857
DULAIN, LouisAbt 1765Aft 1835
DULAIN, Louis Avite29 MAR 1862
DULAIN, Louis Cyprien1 FEB 1806
DULAIN, Louis Jovite5 MAY 1833
DULAIN, Madeleine Scholastique19 JUN 18268 SEP 1826
DULAIN, MarieAbt 1855
DULAIN, Marie Adele1 NOV 1863
DULAIN, Marie Colette14 APR 1833
DULAIN, Marie Jeanne20 JUN 1831
DULAIN, Marie Mathilde
DULAIN, Marie Modeste24 NOV 1823
DULAIN, Marie Therese11 OCT 1801
DULAIN, Moise1868/1869
DULAIN, Nellie
DULAIN, Olivier Martin8 NOV 1799
DULAIN, Pierre1843/1844
DULAIN, Raymond
DULAIN, Rosalie10 MAR 17987 FEB 1826
DULAIN, Seraphie Foi6 OCT 181916 JAN 1924
DULAIN, SimonAbt 1839
DULAIN, Telesphor Forman1 MAR 1832
DULAIN, Toussaint AlexandreAUG 1864
DULAIN, William1878/1879
DULAIN, Zoe Genevieve24 APR 1832

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