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103 Individuals with the DOLAN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
DOLAN, Amy SuePrivate
DOLAN, Anna Fairfax2 Jan 1875Feb 1904
DOLAN, Anna Fairfax2 JAN 1875FEB 1904
DOLAN, Barbara
DOLAN, Barbara CarolPrivate
DOLAN, Betty Louise7 JUN 1934
DOLAN, Callie AnnPrivate
DOLAN, Charles
DOLAN, Clyde Bernard7 May 1881
DOLAN, Cora Bell20 Jul 187424 Jan 1894
DOLAN, Craig Marvin
DOLAN, Daniel L7 JUN 1948
DOLAN, Dema Katherine15 APR 1928
DOLAN, Donald Marvin
DOLAN, Doran
DOLAN, Douglas
DOLAN, Edith
DOLAN, Edith
DOLAN, Edmund Lee3 Oct 1866
DOLAN, Elaine MaryPrivate
DOLAN, Ellen MariePrivate
DOLAN, Eugene Walton1 May 1872
DOLAN, Frank Linley13 Apr 186824 Jun 1900
DOLAN, Gabriel L.14 JUL 1898MAY 1984
DOLAN, Georgia Rae
DOLAN, Harold LeoPrivate
DOLAN, Harold Leo17 NOV 189522 NOV 1965
DOLAN, Harold LeoPrivate
DOLAN, Harry Thomas16 Sep 189620 Aug 1970
DOLAN, Harry Thomas
DOLAN, Iola Maud14 Nov 1877
DOLAN, Ivy Ruby22 Apr 1884
DOLAN, James
DOLAN, James18021851
DOLAN, James
DOLAN, James Edward
DOLAN, Janet MarianPrivate
DOLAN, Janice Ann
DOLAN, Jeffery ScottPrivate
DOLAN, John Dennis22 MAY 1978
DOLAN, John Gerald
DOLAN, Josephine
DOLAN, Judith Karren25 FEB 1947
DOLAN, Katie Marie
DOLAN, Keith Timothy
DOLAN, Kenneth Michael11 JUL 1957
DOLAN, Lendel G.11 Oct 191222 Sep 1994
DOLAN, LeRoy6 OCT 1924
DOLAN, Leslie G
DOLAN, Linda
DOLAN, Living
DOLAN, Living
DOLAN, Lorraine17 OCT 1925
DOLAN, Lorraine13 Mar 196113 Mar 1961
DOLAN, Lucille9 OCT 19237 JUN 2004
DOLAN, Margaret
DOLAN, Margaret
DOLAN, Margaret Ellen26 DEC 183127 OCT 1911
DOLAN, Mark Kenneth
DOLAN, Marlin Ludwick1 JAN 19163 JAN 1973
DOLAN, Mary26 May 1820
DOLAN, MaryPrivate
DOLAN, Mary Ellen15 JUN 1932
DOLAN, Mary Ester
DOLAN, Mary Frances17 SEP 189819 AUG 1995
DOLAN, Mary Frances16 AUG 190715 OCT 1987
DOLAN, Mary Lou16 FEB 192911 FEB 2004
DOLAN, Matthew EdwardPrivate
DOLAN, Matthew JamesPrivate
DOLAN, Maureen
DOLAN, Max Tyler31 DEC 192117 FEB 1924
DOLAN, Michael
DOLAN, MichaelABT 1774
DOLAN, Murray Vincent
DOLAN, Naomi
DOLAN, O. Doyle9 JUN 1926
DOLAN, Onie May
DOLAN, Patrick HaroldPrivate
DOLAN, Peggy
DOLAN, Rachel Estelle
DOLAN, Rachel Estelle
DOLAN, Robert
DOLAN, Rudolph Deloy15 SEP 1930
DOLAN, Rudolph Willie22 DEC 1904
DOLAN, Shealagh MariePrivate
DOLAN, Silas Rudy20 NOV 1937
DOLAN, Sue Ann27 MAR 1942
DOLAN, Thomas
DOLAN, Timothy B.CA 18857 OCT 1929
DOLAN, Timothy B.
DOLAN, Walter Stuart18 Apr 1870
DOLAN, William N.

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