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36 Individuals with the DELINE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
DELINE, Abraham09 FEB 1811BEF 1901
DELINE, AdolphusABT 1841
DELINE, AmableABT 1835
DELINE, Antoine
DELINE, Cynthia24 APR 185813 JUL 1936
DELINE, Eliza23 APR 1815BEF 1910
DELINE, Francois-XavierABT 1847
DELINE, Franklin Ward13 NOV 1871BEF 1961
DELINE, Fred1931
DELINE, Harriet31 JUL 17891864
DELINE, Harriet02 MAR 1820BEF 1915
DELINE, Hendrick31 JUL 1789BEF 1879
DELINE, Hiram07 FEB 1827BEF 1917
DELINE, Isaac13 SEP 1761AFT 1810
DELINE, Jean-BaptisteABT 1833
DELINE, Jean-BaptisteABT 1805
DELINE, Jennie Maud03 JUL 187029 NOV 1936
DELINE, Johannis20 MAY 1778BEF 1868
DELINE, John20 MAY 177621 MAY 1843
DELINE, John J.25 JAN 181814 MAY 1885
DELINE, John WestleyMAR 185005 MAR 1859
DELINE, JosephABT 1849
DELINE, Julany03 JUL 184705 JAN 1908
DELINE, MarieABT 1843
DELINE, Martha Jane05 AUG 185409 FEB 1859
DELINE, Mary Ann16 JUN 1813BEF 1908
DELINE, MelenieABT 1845
DELINE, Nelson05 NOV 1829BEF 1919
DELINE, Norman M.19021974
DELINE, Opha Ann18 MAR 184118 FEB 1859
DELINE, PercyPrivate
DELINE, Robert1926
DELINE, Uriah13 MAY 1764BEF 1854
DELINE, William15 MAY 1803
DELINE, WilliamABT 1740BEF 1830
DELINE, William Franklin01 JUL 1845BEF 1935

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