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36 Individuals with the CRUISE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CRUISE, Carol AnneABT 1935
CRUISE, Carrie L.
CRUISE, Charlene Jean3 May 1958
CRUISE, Cherlyn28 Oct 1964
CRUISE, Courtney
CRUISE, David19 Oct 186025 Jan 1935
CRUISE, Edgar Lee
CRUISE, Everett Monroe
CRUISE, Everett Odell11 Apr 1961
CRUISE, Glen Edward18 AUG 1950
CRUISE, Glen Edward18 AUG 1950
CRUISE, Guy22 SEP 18916 JAN 1982
CRUISE, JamesAbt 1820
CRUISE, Janette
CRUISE, Jill Ann
CRUISE, John Oscar14 FEB 18837 NOV 1970
CRUISE, Jonathan
CRUISE, Kevin Scott4 Aug 1971
CRUISE, LaDonna Eileen1 Dec 1963
CRUISE, Madeline Renae20 JAN 1971
CRUISE, Madeline Renae20 JAN 1971
CRUISE, Mark Robert
CRUISE, Mildred Mae
CRUISE, Nora S.10 Sep 188315 Jul 1969
CRUISE, Ricky Ray22 Jun 1961
CRUISE, Robert
CRUISE, Ronald31 Dec 1940
CRUISE, SallieNOV 1841Aft 1900
CRUISE, Sarah E "Sally"
CRUISE, Thelma
CRUISE, Therodus Vere
CRUISE, Ulyss David

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