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40 Individuals with the CREES Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CREES, Anna Maria
CREES, Bertram Frederick188530 APR 1915
CREES, Catharina Marjory1908?
CREES, Catharine Anne15 Jul 1874
CREES, Charles Thomas1854?
CREES, Christiana Martha1859?
CREES, Currie Nabors
CREES, Currie Nabors
CREES, Dorcas Ilene (Arlena)16 Oct 1906
CREES, Ellen Elizabeth22 Nov 189714 Oct 1972
CREES, Elsie MayABT 189320 Jan 1973
CREES, Emily
CREES, Ernest William2 Sep 1885Jan 1972
CREES, Frederick
CREES, George Alfred1862?
CREES, James Alfred7 Jun 190015 Dec 1979
CREES, James Ernest2 Dec 186716 Sep 1923
CREES, Joseph Andrew3 Apr 187723 Jul 1915
CREES, Juanita Laverne23 Jan 1905
CREES, Margery
CREES, Margery
CREES, Mary Jane18561937
CREES, Mary Jane21 May 1873
CREES, MichaelABT 18501926-1928
CREES, Muriel Constance Victoria1904?
CREES, Myrtle Jane12 May 190924 Apr 1966
CREES, Pauline Phillis11 Feb 1915
CREES, Percy18891919
CREES, Reuben Ward3 Sep 1909
CREES, Sidney George11 Jan 190518 Jun 1985
CREES, Sidney UzziahABT 18446 Sep 1903
CREES, Stella20 Nov 1879
CREES, ThomasABT 1830?
CREES, Thomas Henry18581858
CREES, Thomas Richardson1865Jun 1916
CREES, Thomas Zalva Rud1893?
CREES, Wayne Lowell3 Sep 1903
CREES, Winifred
CREES, Woodrow Wilson

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