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21 Individuals with the CROSE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CROSE, Alphonso Charles
CROSE, Andrew Jackson26 MAR 1815UNKNOWN
CROSE, Annabelle
CROSE, Benjamin Franklin22 JAN 1813UNKNOWN
CROSE, Brenda
CROSE, Catherine
CROSE, Covington2 JUN 1822UNKNOWN
CROSE, George Washington24 FEB 1817UNKNOWN
CROSE, Henry Harrison30 JAN 1819UNKNOWN
CROSE, Jonathan29 DEC 1829UNKNOWN
CROSE, Jonathan2 FEB 179122 JUL 1876
CROSE, Marjorie
CROSE, MaryABT 16467 OCT 1687
CROSE, MaryABT 16467 OCT 1687
CROSE, Mary1650
CROSE, Michael20 JUN 1831UNKNOWN
CROSE, Rebecca22 JUN 1822UNKNOWN
CROSE, Reuben B.11 JAN 1811UNKNOWN
CROSE, Stella
CROSE, William F.20 DEC 1824UNKNOWN

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