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109 Individuals with the CLOW Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CLOW, Abraham10 FEB 182016 MAR 1896
CLOW, AbramABT 1825
CLOW, Ada B.ABT 1904
CLOW, Alfred
CLOW, Alfred
CLOW, Alfred H
CLOW, Andrea
CLOW, Ann Hannah26 DEC 1811
CLOW, Bidwell
CLOW, Brittan
CLOW, Buford Clayton
CLOW, Catherine29 MAY 1830
CLOW, CharlesABT 1849
CLOW, Charles GilbertFEB 1844
CLOW, Christina12 APR 18181918
CLOW, Clayton
CLOW, Clifton
CLOW, CurtisABT 1846
CLOW, DavidABT 1853
CLOW, Delilah1837
CLOW, Diantha Dinah1841
CLOW, Edmund
CLOW, EdwardMAY 1853
CLOW, Elizabeth10 OCT 182523 OCT 1877
CLOW, ElizabethABT 1848
CLOW, EllenABT 1869
CLOW, Elsey17 OCT 179330 NOV 1882
CLOW, EphriamABT 1782
CLOW, Ethel Belle28 JUL 18879 DEC 1919
CLOW, Eunice
CLOW, Francis
CLOW, FranklinABT 1845
CLOW, Franz Johannes17111785
CLOW, GeorgeABT 1836
CLOW, GilbertABT 1784
CLOW, Grace Louise9 JAN 1964
CLOW, Harold Edwin Van Alstyne19071990
CLOW, Henry
CLOW, Henry3 OCT 17539 NOV 1789
CLOW, Henry
CLOW, Henry
CLOW, Henry "Albert"4 OCT 1832
CLOW, Henry D.17881875
CLOW, Hiram Samuel4 OCT 1832FEB 1905
CLOW, Holmes Purdy18101 JAN 1871
CLOW, Isaac L.ABT 1809
CLOW, IsabellaABT 1852
CLOW, JamesABT 1851
CLOW, Jane1822
CLOW, JaneBEF 1830
CLOW, JaneABT 1859
CLOW, Johanna26 JUL 181723 FEB 1905
CLOW, Johannes1 FEB 1711
CLOW, JohnBET 1810 AND 1815
CLOW, John ?
CLOW, John Alfred1944
CLOW, John Alfred1944
CLOW, John Anderson
CLOW, John B.ABT 1816
CLOW, John Ephraim22 APR 18791954
CLOW, Jurgen24 FEB 1834
CLOW, LouisaABT 18381904
CLOW, Lovina18141852
CLOW, MagdeleneABT 1849
CLOW, MaggieABT 1873
CLOW, Martha
CLOW, Mary6 OCT 178218 JUN 1874
CLOW, Mary1821
CLOW, Mary Louise184418 AUG 1895
CLOW, Nancy4 AUG 181312 SEP 1895
CLOW, Nancy
CLOW, NelsonABT 1843
CLOW, Patrick
CLOW, Pauline S.
CLOW, Pauline S.
CLOW, Permilia
CLOW, PeterDEC 17849 APR 1869
CLOW, PeterABT 1854
CLOW, Phoebe
CLOW, Phoebe1831
CLOW, Phyllis
CLOW, Plow
CLOW, Rachael16 MAY 18448 JUN 1914
CLOW, Rebecca1816
CLOW, Rebecca1813AFT 1870
CLOW, Robert Van Alstyne19051995
CLOW, Ruby Ann
CLOW, Samuel K.1836
CLOW, Sarah
CLOW, SarahABT 1856
CLOW, Sarah C. "Sally"
CLOW, Simon1786
CLOW, Sophia
CLOW, Stella
CLOW, Stella
CLOW, Stephen
CLOW, Susan
CLOW, Susan Paige1 FEB 1942
CLOW, Sylvanus Keeler
CLOW, Theresa A.ABT 1876
CLOW, Thomas H.1950
CLOW, Thomas H.1950
CLOW, William1851
CLOW, William
CLOW, WilliamABT 1781
CLOW, WilliamSEP 1851
CLOW, WilliamABT 1821
CLOW, William E.JUL 1886
CLOW, Williams Cairns31 MAR 1817

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