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376 Individuals with the CALL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CALL, Aaron18531 FEB 1894
CALL, Aaron Milton
CALL, Abigail
CALL, Abigail11 APR 1722UNKNOWN
CALL, Abigail
CALL, Adam
CALL, Adelaide3 MAR 192521 NOV 1993
CALL, Alice20 OCT 1917AUG 1975
CALL, Alma T.1 FEB 190411 MAR 1995
CALL, Alva J12 MAR 18752 AUG 1943
CALL, Amanda
CALL, Anna7 OCT 188729 OCT 1918
CALL, Anson13 May 181031 Aug 1890
CALL, Anson Bowen20 OCT 18632 JAN 1958
CALL, Anson Bowen8 DEC 1964
CALL, Anson Bowen21 AUG 2001
CALL, Anson Bowen4 JUL 19001 JUN 1993
CALL, Anson Bowen5 DEC 1937
CALL, Anson Vasco9 Jul 18348 Apr 1867
CALL, Anson Vasco23 May 185512 Oct 1944
CALL, Aubree Anna12 AUG
CALL, Bailey Isabella15 NOV 2001
CALL, Bobby Dee5 MAY 193117 APR 1936
CALL, Brad
CALL, Brawn
CALL, Brawn
CALL, Brett Val
CALL, Brittney
CALL, Bryan
CALL, Caleb II29 OCT 17041767
CALL, Caleb II29 OCT 17041767
CALL, Camron Jared
CALL, Carol13 MAY 1970
CALL, Carole2 MAY 1932
CALL, Caroline1817
CALL, Carolyn17 OCT 19438 JAN 1990
CALL, Carolyn17 OCT 19438 JAN 1990
CALL, Carrie Elizabeth8 JUN 187716 AUG 1910
CALL, Catherine
CALL, Catherine
CALL, Chad Steven12 SEP 195725 NOV 1958
CALL, Chad William26 MAR 1987
CALL, Charles
CALL, Charles18221890
CALL, Charles Andrew19001985
CALL, Charles Andrew19001985
CALL, Charles Andrew19001985
CALL, Charles Harvey31 DEC 19251999
CALL, Charles Helaman28 OCT 19012 JUN 1973
CALL, Charlotte
CALL, CharlotteABT 1879
CALL, Charlotte Vienna7 Nov 185321 Nov 1934
CALL, ChesterABT 1840
CALL, Chester Rufus13 May 184126 Jan 1908
CALL, Chester Vinson6 Oct 185916 Jan 1943
CALL, Chris
CALL, Christine
CALL, Christine
CALL, Christine
CALL, Christoff B.30 OCT 190920 APR 1993
CALL, Christopher (Twin)13 May 184113 May 1841
CALL, Clara L10 SEP 1887
CALL, Claude Loren30 MAR 19251 MAY 1994
CALL, Claude Loren30 MAR 19251 MAY 1994
CALL, Clem Cecil25 MAR 18922 NOV 1957
CALL, Connie
CALL, Connie1958
CALL, Cora M24 FEB 1884
CALL, Cylista
CALL, Cylista
CALL, Cylista9 APR 18603 JUL 1907
CALL, Cylista9 Apr 18603 Jul 1907
CALL, Cynthia20 FEB 186417 JAN 1946
CALL, Cynthia20 Feb 186417 Jan 1946
CALL, Cynthia Megan7 SEP
CALL, Cyril Moroni6 Feb 18389 Jul 1846
CALL, DanABT 1850
CALL, Darren Stephen16 JUN 198829 MAY 1993
CALL, David James23 DEC 1974
CALL, Devan Andrew13 FEB 2004
CALL, Dever C.Private
CALL, Don Robert
CALL, Donal R.Private
CALL, DonaldABT 1905
CALL, Dora1 FEB 19083 FEB 1969
CALL, Dorcas Jean22 JUL 1936
CALL, Drew Ackerman
CALL, Earl Enos13 FEB 18863 MAR 1909
CALL, EARL J.19 MAR 1917
CALL, Eber
CALL, Eber17911864
CALL, Edgar W.
CALL, Edward18711951
CALL, Edward18711951
CALL, Edward18711951
CALL, EdwinAPR 1859
CALL, Eliza Columbia
CALL, Ella S.2 MAY 1937
CALL, Elwood20 OCT 190820 OCT 1994
CALL, Elwyn Jay4 MAY 193514 FEB 1952
CALL, Emil Adolph17 APR 1897JUN 1981
CALL, Emily
CALL, Emily
CALL, Emily
CALL, Emily Ellen3 APR 1980
CALL, Emily Jane23 MAY 1951
CALL, Emily Jane23 MAY 1951
CALL, Emma Elizabeth11 AUG 1997
CALL, Ephraim M.187927 Apr 1958
CALL, Eric Nathan11 OCT
CALL, Erik John1 JUL 1988
CALL, Esther K.29 SEP 190527 JUN 1982
CALL, Ethel Reader6 JAN 1925
CALL, Eva Chloe1 NOV 190618 NOV 1908
CALL, Everett Lee
CALL, Faith
CALL, female
CALL, female
CALL, female
CALL, female
CALL, Fiona
CALL, Fiona
CALL, Fiona
CALL, Flora
CALL, Flora18681938
CALL, Florence Leah3 JUL 18997 FEB 1904
CALL, Florence Olive
CALL, FLOSSIE NOVELLA30 Jul 188517 Oct 1983
CALL, Frank1898
CALL, Frank1898
CALL, Frank1898
CALL, Frederick
CALL, Fredrick W.ABT 1922
CALL, Gary Varial22 JUL 1940
CALL, Gary William22 JUN 1955
CALL, Gaynelle
CALL, Gene
CALL, GeorgeABT 1833
CALL, George A31 JUL 1892
CALL, Girl18 OCT 196318 OCT 1963
CALL, Glenn19 JAN 19062 JUN 1987
CALL, Hannah27 Jan 186322 Feb 1940
CALL, Harley31 AUG 188615 FEB 1889
CALL, Harold Lester1 AUG 19059 SEP 1906
CALL, Harriet
CALL, Hattie
CALL, Hayden William2 NOV 1993
CALL, Helaman Pratt29 NOV 1909FEB 2003
CALL, Helen I30 SEP 19069 JUL 1988
CALL, Henry R.19021987
CALL, Hilma18911956
CALL, Hobart
CALL, Howard O.18 SEP 1928
CALL, Howard William5 APR 1932
CALL, Hyrum R.3 Dec 184515 Jan 1846
CALL, Idelia T7 JAN 1904MAR 1983
CALL, Ira23 Mar 186119 Jan 1928
CALL, Irene9 MAY 189128 APR 1972
CALL, Irene9 May 189128 Apr 1972
CALL, Irene Clarissa
CALL, Irene Clarissa
CALL, Irene Clarissa
CALL, Israel
CALL, Iva Lou11 APR 189924 JUN 1997
CALL, Ivan
CALL, Ivan10 MAR 190417 NOV 1968
CALL, James
CALL, James A.UNKNOWNBET. 1869 - 1870
CALL, James Arthur11 MAY 18824 DEC 1954
CALL, James E.
CALL, James E.29 SEP 186918 MAY 1945
CALL, James Henry12 APR 190728 DEC 1959
CALL, James Oakley
CALL, James Porter10 APR 185123 SEP 1935
CALL, Janet
CALL, Jared Robert
CALL, Jeffrey Allen7 AUG 19548 MAY 1966
CALL, Jeffrey Scott7 JUN 1960
CALL, Jennie11 Nov 188515 Jun 1916
CALL, JoanABT 1544
CALL, Joanna13 MAY 1698AFT 1766
CALL, Joanna
CALL, JoannaSubmitted
CALL, John
CALL, John
CALL, John14 Oct 176111 Jun 1831
CALL, John173914 Apr 1808
CALL, John21 Dec 16571713
CALL, John16361697
CALL, John D.
CALL, Jordan Cole26 OCT 1982
CALL, Joseph23 FEB 1953
CALL, Joseph
CALL, Joseph23 FEB 1953
CALL, Joseph
CALL, Joseph Holbrook23 Feb 185715 Jan 1935
CALL, JosephineABT 1893
CALL, Josiah18 Apr 18621 Oct 1943
CALL, Judy Lynn16 AUG 194918 NOV 1949
CALL, Judy Lynn16 AUG 194918 NOV 1949
CALL, Julia Grace27 JUN 2000
CALL, Julie8 SEP 1972
CALL, Kaden Michael14 MAR 2001
CALL, Kaitlyn Deidre8 APR 1994
CALL, Karen29 MAY 197231 MAY 1972
CALL, Karina Marie19 JUL 2002
CALL, Kathryn19 MAR 1941
CALL, Kathryne 'Katie'ABT 1822ABT 1906
CALL, Kathryne 'Katie'ABT 1822ABT 1906
CALL, Kelly15 JAN 1977
CALL, Kenna Verna23 AUG 1998
CALL, Kennedy Chloe10 APR 2004
CALL, Kimberlee25 SEP 1979
CALL, Kristen10 MAR 1971
CALL, Kyle Austin1 JUN
CALL, Kyle Steven12 APR 19582 SEP 1958
CALL, Lamoni25 Jan 186526 Oct 1933
CALL, Larry D.15 MAY 1953
CALL, Laurie
CALL, Leon
CALL, Leon
CALL, Leon Ward12 MAY 191826 MAR 1991
CALL, Lexy R.2 MAR 190728 MAY 1984
CALL, Lillie MaePrivate
CALL, Lindsay Gardner22 DEC 1974
CALL, Living
CALL, Living
CALL, Lizzie
CALL, Lizzie
CALL, LouisaABT 1837BET APR 1890 AND JUN
CALL, Luana
CALL, Lucille Mildred9 JAN 1909SEP 1994
CALL, Lucy
CALL, male
CALL, male
CALL, Mandi Marie19771977
CALL, Marcus Ivan10 FEB 1980

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