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404 Individuals with the CAGLE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CAGLE, AbrahamABT 1845
CAGLE, AbrahamABT. 1845
CAGLE, Alexander WileyJAN 18441908
CAGLE, Alicia F.8 FEB 1966
CAGLE, Allen
CAGLE, Allie Mae
CAGLE, Alma (Annie)
CAGLE, Alton
CAGLE, Alton , Jr.
CAGLE, Alvin Marvin27 APR 189118 JAN 1893
CAGLE, Amanda Jane3 Mar 189214 Apr 1967
CAGLE, Andrew Jackson13 MAR 185125 APR 1935
CAGLE, Andrew Washington16 NOV 18913 AUG 1945
CAGLE, Anna Belle4 SEP 188821 APR 1967
CAGLE, Annie1861
CAGLE, Anthony Cheyenne3 Jan 1973
CAGLE, Anthony JosephSEP 1846
CAGLE, Arthur Dale
CAGLE, Arthur Edward15 APR 190925 FEB 1985
CAGLE, Asa Hilliard "Hill"12 MAY 1859
CAGLE, Asbury18497 MAY 1928
CAGLE, Audrey Belle
CAGLE, Beatrice8 APR 186930 MAY 1919
CAGLE, Beatrice8 APR 186930 MAY 1919
CAGLE, Benjamin F.1819
CAGLE, Benjamin J.AUG 1869
CAGLE, Benjamin SilasABT 182612 APR 1882
CAGLE, Benny14 Mar 1937
CAGLE, Bertha Mae4 JUL 189127 JAN 1962
CAGLE, BerthenABT 1836
CAGLE, Bessie Ann21 AUG 1889
CAGLE, Bessie E.10 AUG 1895MAY 1973
CAGLE, Bessie E.
CAGLE, Billy Gene
CAGLE, Billy Lee18 MAR 1976
CAGLE, Bonnie RheaPrivate
CAGLE, Bonnie Soloma1 OCT 1902UNKNOWN
CAGLE, Brittany1996
CAGLE, Carol13 MAR 1851
CAGLE, CarolineABT 1831
CAGLE, Catherine
CAGLE, Celia1864
CAGLE, Charles
CAGLE, CharlesABT 1833
CAGLE, CharlesABT 1838
CAGLE, Charles11 FEB 1780BEF 4 NOV 1843
CAGLE, Charles
CAGLE, Charles14 SEP 181720 SEP 1870
CAGLE, Charles1838
CAGLE, Charles11 FEB 17804 NOV 1843
CAGLE, Charles
CAGLE, Charles
CAGLE, Charles Edward
CAGLE, Charles Emberson12 DEC 1898UNKNOWN
CAGLE, Charles Wesley
CAGLE, CharleyFEB 1878
CAGLE, Charlie William17 APR 18934 NOV 1960
CAGLE, Cheryl
CAGLE, Cicero D.ABT. 1861
CAGLE, Clinton Odell12 JAN 1977
CAGLE, Conrad LangfordPrivate
CAGLE, Cynthia25 SEP 1963
CAGLE, DaisyAUG 1879
CAGLE, Darlene Marie
CAGLE, David17101714
CAGLE, David Benjamin31 JAN 188630 JUN 1940
CAGLE, David BenjaminABT 18111880
CAGLE, David Benjamin18111880
CAGLE, David Odell5 NOV 1954
CAGLE, Deborah LynnPrivate
CAGLE, Dennis Edward23 MAY 193426 MAY 1987
CAGLE, Donald Ray19 NOV 19513 MAR 1980
CAGLE, Earl Pope15 AUG 189218 MAY 1958
CAGLE, Earl WilburnPrivate
CAGLE, Earnest Jefferson
CAGLE, Easter
CAGLE, Eddie F.OCT 1891
CAGLE, Edgar Emmett19 MAR 1923
CAGLE, Edith Marie20 FEB 19237 SEP 1931
CAGLE, Edward William Larson Sr.24 APR 194610 APR 1997
CAGLE, Elbert LebronPrivate
CAGLE, Elder H.23 SEP 18829 FEB 1915
CAGLE, Eliza Jane1809
CAGLE, ElizabethABT 1805
CAGLE, ElizabethABT 1842
CAGLE, Elizabeth
CAGLE, Elizabeth01 APR 186101 MAR 1918
CAGLE, ElizabethABT. 1859
CAGLE, Elizabeth1869
CAGLE, Elizabeth1805JAN 1877
CAGLE, Elizabeth Jane16 DEC 184228 MAY 1899
CAGLE, Elizabeth LucillePrivate
CAGLE, Ellen1863
CAGLE, EmalineABT 1834
CAGLE, Emma Lophelia16 MAY 188820 JUL 1983
CAGLE, Ernest Charles17 JUL 1951
CAGLE, Essie Denise4 NOV 1954
CAGLE, Ester Jane1850
CAGLE, Eston
CAGLE, Ethel LucillePrivate
CAGLE, Ethel MayPrivate
CAGLE, Eva Inez28 JAN 1932
CAGLE, Evelyn
CAGLE, Ezell26 Feb 1924
CAGLE, Flavius FricksFEB 1891AUG 1891
CAGLE, Florence Cagle
CAGLE, Flossie
CAGLE, Flossie
CAGLE, Floyd
CAGLE, Frances Adoree1975
CAGLE, Francis1847
CAGLE, Fred Jr.
CAGLE, Genimae17 JAN 1923
CAGLE, George
CAGLE, George
CAGLE, George Martin2 OCT 185426 MAY 1916
CAGLE, George Nichols8 FEB 1945
CAGLE, George W.ABT 1813MAR 1876
CAGLE, George Washington18121890
CAGLE, Glenn Carl23 NOV 1905UNKNOWN
CAGLE, Gregory15 DEC 1971
CAGLE, Harvey McGaugheyABT 18241863
CAGLE, Hattie Rhea25 DEC 18993 JUL 1959
CAGLE, Helen EugeniaPrivate
CAGLE, Helen Grace15 JAN 1934
CAGLE, HenryABT 1729ABT 1801
CAGLE, Henry
CAGLE, Henry
CAGLE, Henry
CAGLE, Henry C.ABT. 1835
CAGLE, Henry C. Jr.ABT. 1860
CAGLE, Henry E.1812AFT. 18 SEP 1864
CAGLE, Henry O.JUL 1880
CAGLE, Herchel Lebron23 DEC 19369 JAN 1937
CAGLE, Hosea WalterABT 1945
CAGLE, Ida Ruth5 APR 189419 DEC 1973
CAGLE, Inna Caterana1818
CAGLE, IRA19031923
CAGLE, Isaac1855
CAGLE, IsamABT. 1861
CAGLE, Ishems
CAGLE, JacobABT 1836
CAGLE, Jacob1836
CAGLE, Jacob1804
CAGLE, JacobAPR 1755
CAGLE, James25 OCT 192118 FEB 1972
CAGLE, James17 JUN 1923
CAGLE, JamesABT 1830
CAGLE, James1830
CAGLE, James25 OCT 192118 FEB 1972
CAGLE, James Brock2 NOV 185728 JAN 1914
CAGLE, James BrockPrivate
CAGLE, James DavidBEF 1954
CAGLE, James Lewis1 DEC 19161 DEC 1916
CAGLE, James MaxPrivate
CAGLE, James WilliamJUL 1863
CAGLE, James William23 MAR 192924 OCT 1992
CAGLE, James William
CAGLE, Janet Renee'18 DEC 1972
CAGLE, Janice ElainePrivate
CAGLE, Janie Gregory18501885
CAGLE, Jarrod Allison1 Feb 1979
CAGLE, Jason David27 Aug 1971
CAGLE, Jay Howard28 AUG 1936
CAGLE, Jeanette8 Jun 1964
CAGLE, Jeffery Wesley
CAGLE, JenaDEC 1885
CAGLE, Jeremy William5 Jul 1974
CAGLE, Jerry MoorePrivate
CAGLE, Jewel Lorene11 JAN 192516 JUL 1986
CAGLE, JimABT 1850
CAGLE, Johan Dewalt Theobald David
CAGLE, JohnABT 1813BEF 6 MAR 1854
CAGLE, JohnABT 1844
CAGLE, John9 APR 1813FEB 1869
CAGLE, John1844
CAGLE, JohnABT. 1855
CAGLE, John8 OCT 18251898
CAGLE, John David9 APR 18421 FEB 1869
CAGLE, John David9 APR 18003 FEB 1866
CAGLE, John Dewalt Theobald David
CAGLE, John Dutchman
CAGLE, John Edward1 MAR 1968
CAGLE, John ElwoodABT 1843
CAGLE, John Fulbright18171888
CAGLE, John McKinley14 JUL 189824 FEB 1956
CAGLE, John William5 SEP 188720 APR 1964
CAGLE, John William
CAGLE, John William McRaeNOV 1855
CAGLE, Joseph1808
CAGLE, Joseph Kelley11 FEB 18845 OCT 1959
CAGLE, Joseph Theodore12 MAY 1903
CAGLE, Julie Ann21 APR 1981
CAGLE, Julins
CAGLE, Julins
CAGLE, Justin Brent1 Nov 1976
CAGLE, Katherine Grace31 JUL 192328 SEP 1925
CAGLE, Kelly Marie
CAGLE, Kenneth Eugene30 Mar 1939
CAGLE, Kevin William18 JUL 1974
CAGLE, Laura Lucille10 JUL 18876 AUG 1916
CAGLE, Lavisa
CAGLE, Lee AnnePrivate
CAGLE, Lee RoyPrivate
CAGLE, Lela Virginia Wilson18961962
CAGLE, Lela Virginia Wilson18961962
CAGLE, Lena8 NOV 1875
CAGLE, Lena8 NOV 1875
CAGLE, Leona Ann (Le Ann)21 DEC 1940
CAGLE, LeonardABT 1831
CAGLE, Leonard16841757
CAGLE, Leonard1831
CAGLE, LeonardABT. 1780
CAGLE, Leonard Boyd1858
CAGLE, Lindsey
CAGLE, Litha J.25 MAY 1886
CAGLE, Littleton Young1810MAR 1889
CAGLE, Living
CAGLE, Living
CAGLE, Lloyd Henry27 FEB 185622 JAN 1927
CAGLE, Lloyd Henry27 FEB 185622 JAN 1927
CAGLE, Lois Elaine11 FEB 1950
CAGLE, Loree
CAGLE, Lorena Peay14 OCT 1906UNKNOWN
CAGLE, Louis Charles15 AUG 1925
CAGLE, LouisaABT 1830
CAGLE, Lovie Jane19 JAN 188019 JAN 1916
CAGLE, Loy Boyd6 OCT 18986 NOV 1925
CAGLE, Loy Boyd6 NOV 19167 SEP 1978

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