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100 Individuals with the ALLAN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ALLAN, Abigail
ALLAN, Alexander
ALLAN, Alice May Victoria
ALLAN, AlisonnAbt 1705
ALLAN, Anne29 NOV 183521 DEC 1917
ALLAN, Barry
ALLAN, Beverley
ALLAN, Brandon Heath1 APR 1987
ALLAN, Caroline Jane
ALLAN, Cindy26 DEC 1942
ALLAN, David17 FEB 181316 JAN 1901
ALLAN, Desley
ALLAN, Donald Harris
ALLAN, Flora
ALLAN, George21 JUL 1828
ALLAN, George17361800
ALLAN, George
ALLAN, George James
ALLAN, George R
ALLAN, George Thomas
ALLAN, Gordon Henry
ALLAN, HellenAbt MAY 1845
ALLAN, James19 JAN 1867
ALLAN, James26 MAR 1833
ALLAN, James
ALLAN, James23 OCT 1712
ALLAN, James B
ALLAN, James Buchanan
ALLAN, James Murray
ALLAN, Jane B.
ALLAN, Jane B.
ALLAN, Janet
ALLAN, Janet
ALLAN, JanetAbt 172027 MAR 1789
ALLAN, Janet Nee
ALLAN, Janne
ALLAN, Jennie Frances
ALLAN, Jennie Frances
ALLAN, JoanAbt 1510
ALLAN, John18 MAR 1844
ALLAN, John17784 SEP 1844
ALLAN, Joseph
ALLAN, Julianne Linda
ALLAN, Karen Elizabeth
ALLAN, Kenneth RobertLiving
ALLAN, Kenyan McConkie26 MAR 2004
ALLAN, Leslie
ALLAN, Leslie
ALLAN, Lillian Jean
ALLAN, Living
ALLAN, Living
ALLAN, Living
ALLAN, Louella Murray
ALLAN, Margaret
ALLAN, Marian
ALLAN, Martha
ALLAN, Martha Hastings18631952
ALLAN, Mary Kirkaldy15 DEC 1864
ALLAN, Maxwell
ALLAN, Nathaniel
ALLAN, Norma
ALLAN, Patricia
ALLAN, Patrick10 JUN 1706
ALLAN, Patrick
ALLAN, Peter
ALLAN, Phyllis Gay04 SEP 189026 AUG 1975
ALLAN, Raymond
ALLAN, Rebecca A.26 Dec 1850
ALLAN, Rhonda
ALLAN, RichardAbt 1490
ALLAN, Robert27 DEC 1813
ALLAN, Robert
ALLAN, Robert17401806
ALLAN, Robert Henry22 JAN 1802
ALLAN, Robert Killinghall25 DEC 184225 SEP 1843
ALLAN, Sarah
ALLAN, Sharon
ALLAN, Stephen Tyndall
ALLAN, Stuart
ALLAN, Sue1962
ALLAN, Susan Elizabeth
ALLAN, Tammy Jo
ALLAN, Thomas
ALLAN, Trevor
ALLAN, Trevor Donald
ALLAN, Tyler Chloe24 MAY 2002
ALLAN, Tyler Fredrick25 MAY 1971
ALLAN, WilliamABT 1809
ALLAN, William
ALLAN, William
ALLAN, William21 MAY 17961850
ALLAN, William7 DEC 1868
ALLAN, William Frederick Buchanan
ALLAN, William Roderick Buchanan

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