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46 Individuals with the ALAN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ALAN, "Dapifer"ABT 1016
ALAN, Alice Fitz17 Mar 1415
ALAN, Alyne (Aliva) Fitz
ALAN, Edmond Fitz1 May 128517 May 1326
ALAN, Edmund Fitz , 8th Earl of Arundel1 May 12851326
ALAN, Eleanor FitzABT 1275JUL 1328
ALAN, Eleonor FitzABT 1274
ALAN, Elizabeth Fitz
ALAN, Flaad FitzAbt 1050Aft 1102
ALAN, IVABT. 106713 Oct 1119
ALAN, Jane FitzAbt 1403Abt 1467
ALAN, Joan FitzABT 13721 SEP 1404
ALAN, John FitzABT 1164Mar 1240
ALAN, John FitzABT 1249
ALAN, John Fitz14 Sep 12461271
ALAN, John Fitz1267
ALAN, John FitzMay 12231267
ALAN, John Fitz14 Sep 124618 Mar 1272
ALAN, John Fitz
ALAN, John FitzAbt 1287
ALAN, John MacABT 1317
ALAN, Luke
ALAN, Mark1 OCT 1962
ALAN, Maud FitzAbt 1289
ALAN, Melanie Susannah3 JAN 1974
ALAN, Phillipa Fitz
ALAN, Richard
ALAN, Richard Fitz130624 Jan 1375/76
ALAN, Richard Fitz3 Feb 12679 Mar 1302
ALAN, Richard FitzABT 130624 Jan 1376
ALAN, Richard Fitz1397
ALAN, Richard Fitz , Earl of Arundel12671302
ALAN, Richard Fitz , Earl of Arundel1313
ALAN, ScottPrivate
ALAN, Sir Edmund Fitz , Knt.1 May 12851326
ALAN, Timothy , Jr AMOS24 Jul 1977
ALAN, Walter FITZ1177
ALAN, William FitzABT 11371210
ALAN, William Fitz1214
ALAN, William Fitz1172
ALAN, William Fitz11051160
ALAN, ABT 9931046
ALAN, 1234

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