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25 Individuals with the AILMAN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
AILMAN, Benjamin Hart12 AUG 182512 SEP 1896
AILMAN, Benjamin Hart23 JAN 179715 OCT 1883
AILMAN, Catherine7 FEB 180713 APR 1856
AILMAN, Clarissa Bailey7 MAR 18215 MAY 1902
AILMAN, Daniel12 FEB 182915 NOV 1836
AILMAN, Elizabeth10 DEC 182614 JAN 1890
AILMAN, Elizabeth C8 NOV 180815 DEC 1876
AILMAN, Frederick26 FEB 180128 MAR 1836
AILMAN, Frederick12 JUL 176624 OCT 1841
AILMAN, Hannah C13 JUL 179331 JAN 1871
AILMAN, James Holt18 AUG 1801
AILMAN, John22 APR 181128 MAY 1811
AILMAN, John17671832
AILMAN, John30 MAR 179521 NOV 1804
AILMAN, John C21 OCT 18063 JAN 1868
AILMAN, Martha14 JUL 1813
AILMAN, Martha9 FEB 17995 MAY 1855
AILMAN, Mary Ann26 AUG 1809
AILMAN, Rebecca6 JUN 1816
AILMAN, Ruth10 SEP 1804
AILMAN, Sarah Holt7 MAR 1799
AILMAN, Sophia Amelia22 AUG 182312 DEC 1894
AILMAN, William31 OCT 1797JUL 1798
AILMAN, William H11 JUN 183228 OCT 1862
AILMAN, William Hart1 AUG 180317 OCT 1873

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