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109 Individuals with the WIESE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WIESE, Aletta Margaretha17499 JUL 1782
WIESE, Alice C.1905
WIESE, Alice M.MAY 1897
WIESE, Alvina1872
WIESE, AmandaAPR 1884
WIESE, Anita JaneOCT 25 19??
WIESE, Anna Caroline1840
WIESE, Audrey CarolineSEP 11 1918APR 12 1997
WIESE, AugustJUN 1880
WIESE, Barbara Claire
WIESE, Benjamin Curtis28 Aug 1945
WIESE, Brian Neil
WIESE, CarlAPR 1892
WIESE, Caroline1862
WIESE, Carolyn Mae
WIESE, Cherie Vae
WIESE, Christian Heinrich20 Jul 1850
WIESE, Claudia
WIESE, Claudia
WIESE, Claus1792AFT 1870
WIESE, Daniel Curtis28 Dec 1987
WIESE, Daniel William
WIESE, Debra Ann
WIESE, Delmer William (Pete)
WIESE, Dorothy Anna1829
WIESE, Dorothy E.12 NOV 1910
WIESE, EdwardOCT 1894
WIESE, Eldon
WIESE, ElsaMAR 1890
WIESE, Emily E.JUN 1898
WIESE, Emma1864
WIESE, Eric Walter
WIESE, Floy Lolieta
WIESE, Francis Moeller
WIESE, Fred P.22 NOV 19061 DEC 1989
WIESE, Friedrich Arthur18 Jan 1894
WIESE, Gary Lynn
WIESE, GeorgeAPR 18661936
WIESE, George W.1903
WIESE, Heinrich Ferdinand1 FEB 1841
WIESE, Henriqueta
WIESE, HenryJAN 1870
WIESE, HenryAbt 18681949
WIESE, Henry John11 May 186821 Oct 1921
WIESE, HermanJUL 1868
WIESE, Ida1870
WIESE, J. Frederic , Jr.?
WIESE, Janet Mary
WIESE, Jayne Marie
WIESE, Jeanine Elizabeth
WIESE, Jerry Rae
WIESE, Johann Franz David8 Oct 1892
WIESE, JohnABT 1952
WIESE, John30 NOV 1890APR 1964
WIESE, Joyce Marjorie
WIESE, Julie Opal16 May 1983
WIESE, Karen
WIESE, Kathleen Ann
WIESE, Keith Francis
WIESE, Larry Wayne
WIESE, LenaSEP 1891
WIESE, Leon Delroy
WIESE, Leonard Franklin
WIESE, Lester F.31 OCT 1902MAR 1980
WIESE, LewisJUN 1876
WIESE, Living
WIESE, Louis P.11 JUN 1897NOV 1968
WIESE, Margaret Elizabeth15 AUG 190811 FEB 1921
WIESE, Margaretha Aletta1755
WIESE, Marilyn
WIESE, Marilyn Marie
WIESE, Mary1943
WIESE, Mary Francis11 MAY 193725 APR 1962
WIESE, Matilda1861
WIESE, PeterNOV 1831AFT 1910
WIESE, Peter , Jr.JUN 1879
WIESE, Phyllis Irene
WIESE, Pieter1718
WIESE, Randy Robert
WIESE, Rhonda
WIESE, Rhonda
WIESE, Rodney Lee
WIESE, Ronald
WIESE, Ronald
WIESE, Rosina Clara Helena29 Jan 189615 May 1967
WIESE, Roy Heinrich16 Jan 189817 Jan 1925
WIESE, Roy L.JUN 1898
WIESE, Shawn Michael
WIESE, Shirley22 NOV 1934BEF 1981
WIESE, Sidney M.15 JUN 190710 FEB 1998
WIESE, SillieSEP 1896
WIESE, Stuart Wyan
WIESE, ThersaJUL 1885
WIESE, Thomas
WIESE, Thomas Carl
WIESE, Tom4 OCT 1949
WIESE, Unknown
WIESE, Unknown
WIESE, Vern Carl
WIESE, Virgil James19251944
WIESE, Wayne William
WIESE, Wilbur W.4 NOV 1900NOV 1970
WIESE, WilliamJAN 1853
WIESE, William E. F.DEC 25 1887DEC 17 1967

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