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49 Individuals with the WIX Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WIX, Amanda A.
WIX, Anita Marie
WIX, Annie MAY4 OCT 190811 NOV 1972
WIX, Benjamin "Bennie"21 MAR 18767 AUG 1957
WIX, Bessie Bell30 MAR 189025 JUN 1966
WIX, Brandon Michael28 JUL 1981
WIX, Brittany Michelle13 MAR 1984
WIX, Buford Mayo15 SEP 192319 AUG 1994
WIX, Carol
WIX, Carol
WIX, Carol Jean1932
WIX, Christian
WIX, Clyde Wilson12 MAY 190226 DEC 1976
WIX, DanielABT 1756
WIX, Daniel Mayo "Danny"22 MAY 1945
WIX, Elmer1900
WIX, Ethelene6 JUL 1906
WIX, Etta1902
WIX, Frances1919
WIX, Fred Raymond
WIX, Gary LANE31 MAR 1954
WIX, George Robert2 FEB 186026 OCT 1920
WIX, Haywood29 JUL 18882 OCT 1949
WIX, Henry FORD1923
WIX, Jesse Owen24 FEB 189717 MAR 1961
WIX, John MILLER7 MAY 192230 MAR 1994
WIX, Larry Wayne31 MAR 1954
WIX, Laura Danielle6 MAY 1981
WIX, Lavenia Hammerick
WIX, LEIGH Ann14 MAR 1963
WIX, Marguerite "Rita" Louise
WIX, Mary1925
WIX, Mary Ann Bobo2 Oct 184820 Feb 1930
WIX, Mary Elizabeth1 FEB 189314 AUG 1979
WIX, Mary Jo14 MAY 1941
WIX, Michael Douglas5 SEP 194726 AUG 1966
WIX, Pauline12 JUL 1927
WIX, Pauline12 JUL 1927
WIX, Pearl Ann22 JUN 188328 MAY 1967
WIX, Pearl Ann22 Jun 188328 May 1967
WIX, Peggy Joyce21 JUL 1942
WIX, Richard Allen "Richie"15 AUG 1964
WIX, Robert "Bobby"1921
WIX, Sophie Myrtle10 OCT 188410 FEB 1955
WIX, Tanja Michelle15 MAY 1970
WIX, Virgil E.MAY 1899
WIX, William H.1925

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