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21 Individuals with the SUYS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SUYS, Anna Catharina9 JUL 1774
SUYS, Anna Catharina3 NOV 1813
SUYS, Anna FrancoiseAFT 1810
SUYS, Anna MariaAFT 1881
SUYS, Carolus18 APR 1777
SUYS, ElisabethABT 16909 OCT 1770
SUYS, Emmanuel10 NOV 1779
SUYS, Felicia12 MAY 1928AFT 1930
SUYS, FranciscusBEF 1844
SUYS, FranciscusBEF 1813
SUYS, Gustaaf18 JUN 1905AFT 1930
SUYS, HieronimusABT 166531 MAR 1731
SUYS, Jean Baptist21 JUN 1787
SUYS, Joanna Catharina18 FEB 1784
SUYS, Judocus16 MAR 1790
SUYS, Maria Anna8 FEB 1782
SUYS, Maria Theresia15 JUL 1866
SUYS, Michael Josephus26 JUL 1792
SUYS, Petrus1 APR 1786
SUYS, Philippus20 MAY 1772
SUYS, Susanne23 FEB 176710 JAN 1844

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