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54 Individuals with the SCHOU Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SCHOU, Anders HansenABT. 1783AFT. 1845
SCHOU, Ane Cathrine6 Jan 182114 Dec 1877
SCHOU, Anne Cathrine Jensdatter1768UNKNOWN
SCHOU, Anniche Marie Rasmusdatter17881849
SCHOU, Barbara Johanne Jensdatter1784UNKNOWN
SCHOU, ChristenBEF. 1755ABT. 1792
SCHOU, Conrad Julius12 Nov 1835AFT. 1874
SCHOU, Conrad Piil17951798
SCHOU, Elisabeth Kirstine Jensdatter1766UNKNOWN
SCHOU, Elisabeth Marie Jensdatter1763UNKNOWN
SCHOU, Ellen Elisabeth HansdatterABT. 17271765
SCHOU, Else Margrethe HansdatterABT. 1786UNKNOWN
SCHOU, Elsebeth Cathrine1808UNKNOWN
SCHOU, Hans AndersenABT. 1776AFT. 1823
SCHOU, Hans Andersen17541821
SCHOU, Hans AndersenABT. 1815AFT. 1845
SCHOU, Hans Jørgen PedersenABT. 16981776
SCHOU, Hans Kristian10 Jan 1827UNKNOWN
SCHOU, Hans Larsen1814AFT. 1834
SCHOU, Hans Madsen179323 Mar 1864
SCHOU, Jørgen ChristophersenABT. 17341801
SCHOU, Jørgen Johan Wefstsen1742AFT. 1787
SCHOU, Jens Jørgensen17121765
SCHOU, Jens Jensen1778AFT. 1829
SCHOU, Jens Mahler22 Oct 182912 Feb 1899
SCHOU, Jens Olsen17421786
SCHOU, Jens Peter17861869
SCHOU, Johanne Marie7 Aug 1818UNKNOWN
SCHOU, Karen HansdatterABT. 1781UNKNOWN
SCHOU, Karen Kirstine14 Aug 183225 Mar 1906
SCHOU, Karen KirstineABT. 1776UNKNOWN
SCHOU, Karen Margrethe Jensdatter1781UNKNOWN
SCHOU, Kirstine HansdatterABT. 1789UNKNOWN
SCHOU, Kirstine Jensdatter1764UNKNOWN
SCHOU, Lars MadsenABT. 1743AFT. 1814
SCHOU, Maren Cathrine Andersdatter17681852
SCHOU, Margrethe Kristine11 Mar 1823UNKNOWN
SCHOU, Marie Elene9 Mar 187020 Apr 1946
SCHOU, Marie Jensdatter1771UNKNOWN
SCHOU, Niels Wefstsen4 Sep 1726Apr 1774
SCHOU, Peder Andersen11 Jan 1808UNKNOWN
SCHOU, Peder HansenBEF. 1740AFT. 1762
SCHOU, Poul Hansen1778AFT. 1814
SCHOU, Rasmus Hansen10 Jan 182717 Aug 1827
SCHOU, Rasmus Hansen17471804
SCHOU, Seigne Margrethe Cathrine1789AFT. 1840
SCHOU, Svend Hansen31 May 183412 Nov 1911
SCHOU, Valeria Dorthea1 Sep 18141889
SCHOU, Wefst Peter NielsenBEF. 1820UNKNOWN

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