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28 Individuals with the SULLENS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SULLENS, Danny Pat
SULLENS, Deborah CaraleeSep 1981
SULLENS, Dessie M.
SULLENS, Donald11 Jul 1926
SULLENS, Elizabeth Jane1812ABT 1855
SULLENS, Emily J.1832
SULLENS, Jackie17 JUL 194431 JAN 1975
SULLENS, JohnAbt 17301808
SULLENS, John C.Abt 1765Abt 1826
SULLENS, JosiahAbt 1780
SULLENS, Josiah17451773
SULLENS, Judith Kay
SULLENS, MaryAbt 1771
SULLENS, Mary Elizabeth "Polly"18361898
SULLENS, Michael Paul23 Nov 1950
SULLENS, Nathan1742Abt 1806
SULLENS, NathanAbt 17853 Apr 1857
SULLENS, Raymond William4 Feb 1945
SULLENS, RichardAbt 1769
SULLENS, RichardAbt 1720Abt 1771
SULLENS, Richard180231 MAR 1881
SULLENS, Ruby29 Dec 191611 Nov 1996
SULLENS, Thmos Joseph22 Feb 1947
SULLENS, WilliamAbt 1775
SULLENS, ZachariahAbt 1773

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