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34 Individuals with the SOLMS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SOLMS, Agathe Countess Of16 Sep 158513 Nov 1648
SOLMS, Amalia of16021675
SOLMS, Anna Countess Of24 Oct 158614 Jun 1587
SOLMS, Anna Maria1847
SOLMS, CharlesSEP 18571925
SOLMS, Christof Count Of17 Dec 157524 Jan 1596
SOLMS, Eberhard of15651596
SOLMS, Eliza1862 or 1863
SOLMS, Ernst of15681595
SOLMS, Eugene
SOLMS, Eva1860
SOLMS, Friedrich Magnus Count Of16 Mar 15841604
SOLMS, John1868 Or 1869
SOLMS, John1857
SOLMS, Kathie1865 Or 1866
SOLMS, Kathryn25 MAY 1894Between 1941 And Sep
SOLMS, Mamie
SOLMS, Margarethe Countess of26 Nov 15801635
SOLMS, Marie Countess Of12 Dec 15871590
SOLMS, Martin1808
SOLMS, Martin1842
SOLMS, Mary1874 Or 1875
SOLMS, Philipp1839
SOLMS, Philipp Georg Count Of29 Nov 15736 Sep 1599
SOLMS, Richard19 Jul 1709
SOLMS, Rudolph
SOLMS, Rudolph1858Aft 15 APR 1910
SOLMS, Susannah8 Jun 1712
SOLMS, Tillie
SOLMS, Ulrike Luise Princess Of
SOLMS, Unknown
SOLMS, Wolfgang Count Of20 Nov 15818 Jan 1611

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