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22 Individuals with the LITHUANIA Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
LITHUANIA, Algirdas of1377
LITHUANIA, Algirdis of1377
LITHUANIA, Andrew of
LITHUANIA, Casimir IV of Poland &
LITHUANIA, daughter of
LITHUANIA, Dtr of Grand Duke ofAbt 1395
LITHUANIA, Elena Princess OfABT 135215 Sep 1438
LITHUANIA, Gediminas of1341
LITHUANIA, Gedymin of1341
LITHUANIA, Jagello of135031 May 1434
LITHUANIA, John Albert of1501
LITHUANIA, Mindaugas of1263
LITHUANIA, Pukuveras (Liutauras) of1295
LITHUANIA, Raka, Princess OfABT 137427 Oct 1430
LITHUANIA, Sofija Princess OfABT 137215 Jun 1453
LITHUANIA, Sophie of137015 JUN 1453
LITHUANIA, Svitrigaila-Boleslaw of
LITHUANIA, Traidenis (Trojden) of1282
LITHUANIA, Vitold of
LITHUANIA, Vitovt ofAbt 1430
LITHUANIA, Vytautas Aleksandras, Grand Duke OfJun 134427 Oct 1430
LITHUANIA, Vytenis of1315

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