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38 Individuals with the LEADMAN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
LEADMAN, Aileem Gay5 Jan 1928
LEADMAN, Allen Edward4 Jun 1938
LEADMAN, Alma Iris20 May 1922
LEADMAN, Annie Mae22 Nov 1894
LEADMAN, Beartice Ruth24 Dec 1914
LEADMAN, Bertha13 Nov 18896 Feb 1968
LEADMAN, Carrie15 Jul 1901Jan 1978
LEADMAN, Charles
LEADMAN, Edna Kathryn10 Jun 1930
LEADMAN, Emory17 Feb 190515 Mar 1989
LEADMAN, Eva Lois21 Dec 1896
LEADMAN, George W.1 May 183421 Apr 1892
LEADMAN, Helen23 Jun 1933
LEADMAN, Helen1 Mar 1903
LEADMAN, JaneAbt 1624
LEADMAN, Jasper Osbor28 Sep 188526 Apr 1959
LEADMAN, Jerrell S
LEADMAN, Jerrell S
LEADMAN, June Ella13 Sep 1926
LEADMAN, Linda Carolyn29 Oct 1942
LEADMAN, Lucritia
LEADMAN, Majel Leverne18 Jul 1920
LEADMAN, Margaret Sue6 Sep 1943
LEADMAN, Mary Jean19 Sep 1923
LEADMAN, Melissa Kay26 Aug 1979
LEADMAN, Michael Joe26 Oct 1945
LEADMAN, Minnie Virginia19 Aug 18835 Feb 1967
LEADMAN, Paula Jane30 Apr 1922
LEADMAN, Reba Jane28 May 1912
LEADMAN, Roy Thurman24 Apr 1918
LEADMAN, Tereasa
LEADMAN, Wayne Thomas4 Jun 1924
LEADMAN, William Hartley6 Aug 18998 Jun 1967
LEADMAN, William Hope3 Apr 1929
LEADMAN, William Thomas10 May 18634 Jun 1936

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