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45 Individuals with the KINMAN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KINMAN, "Jessie" RichardABT 1979
KINMAN, "Susan" JeanineABT 1978
KINMAN, ("unknown")ABT 1980
KINMAN, Alice21 OCT 1915
KINMAN, Bobby Joseph
KINMAN, Christine Marie
KINMAN, Cynthia
KINMAN, Donnay Gene
KINMAN, Doris Elwanda
KINMAN, Edith Louise
KINMAN, Edwin Leon
KINMAN, Elizabeth Ann8 APR 186919 SEP 1930
KINMAN, Frances
KINMAN, Frances
KINMAN, George
KINMAN, George P. C.
KINMAN, George Washington9 JAN 188612 APR 1966
KINMAN, Golda20 AUG 19019 MAR 1975
KINMAN, Goorge Nicholas14 FEB 19081 JAN 1966
KINMAN, Harold Colston
KINMAN, Harry David
KINMAN, HenryABT 1822
KINMAN, Henry Eugene
KINMAN, Henry Waite17 Oct 1892
KINMAN, Herbert Leon
KINMAN, HiramABT 1872
KINMAN, Jessie Jo3 MAR 1905
KINMAN, Johnny Stephen
KINMAN, Kenneth H.14 JAN 191910 FEB 1978
KINMAN, LeviABT 17911849
KINMAN, Living
KINMAN, Living
KINMAN, Living
KINMAN, Lou Vicie
KINMAN, Martha
KINMAN, Michael Lee
KINMAN, MyronABT 1948
KINMAN, Nicholas B.
KINMAN, Pearl23 MAR 191715 SEP 1988
KINMAN, Peggy Joyce
KINMAN, Rachel Ann3 OCT 190619 JUL 1987
KINMAN, Ronald Lynn
KINMAN, Shelby Jean
KINMAN, William Nelson

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