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80 Individuals with the KEOWN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KEOWN, Angela Joy
KEOWN, Arthur
KEOWN, BERT18771966
KEOWN, Bertha1876
KEOWN, Carrie1860
KEOWN, Carrie Louise24 NOV 1959
KEOWN, Clarence
KEOWN, Dana Elaine
KEOWN, Edwin Everett24 MAY 1936
KEOWN, Elizaberh
KEOWN, Evelyn
KEOWN, Everitt
KEOWN, Franklin1874
KEOWN, Fredrick18971921
KEOWN, George1851
KEOWN, Georgia
KEOWN, Grenville
KEOWN, Hannah1855ABT 1938
KEOWN, Hannah Catherine8 APR 1871
KEOWN, Harold Thomas23 JUL 1962
KEOWN, Harvey
KEOWN, Henrietta23 APR 18721930
KEOWN, Herbert William
KEOWN, Hilliard1888
KEOWN, Ida1879
KEOWN, Irene18891966
KEOWN, James8 APR 1871
KEOWN, JamesABT 1835
KEOWN, James Earle18871967
KEOWN, JohnABT 1804
KEOWN, John1868
KEOWN, John18391881
KEOWN, John Wesley
KEOWN, John WesleySEP 18652 MAY 1942
KEOWN, Joseph
KEOWN, Kate1853
KEOWN, Kimberly Faith
KEOWN, Lavina
KEOWN, Living
KEOWN, Living
KEOWN, Living
KEOWN, Living
KEOWN, Living
KEOWN, Living
KEOWN, Living
KEOWN, Living
KEOWN, Margaret
KEOWN, Marry AnneABT 1832
KEOWN, Martha Elizabeth
KEOWN, Octavia1886
KEOWN, Oliver
KEOWN, Patty Lynn4 MAY 1961
KEOWN, Pearl
KEOWN, Percy
KEOWN, Raymond Lee
KEOWN, Regina Lynn
KEOWN, RobertABT 1841
KEOWN, Robert
KEOWN, Rosella Anne9 APR 18811950
KEOWN, Russell
KEOWN, Ruth16 JUN 184620 AUG 1911
KEOWN, SamuelBEF 1999
KEOWN, Samuel18481913
KEOWN, Samuel Stuart25 Apr 191814 Nov 1998
KEOWN, Shelly Lee27 SEP 1978
KEOWN, Stephen
KEOWN, Thomas
KEOWN, Thomas16 JUN 18461928
KEOWN, Violet
KEOWN, Violet Elizabeth1890AFT 1970
KEOWN, William
KEOWN, William1870
KEOWN, William18581919

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