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35 Individuals with the HUYGHENS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
HUYGHENS, Anna Catharina22 NOV 1762
HUYGHENS, Anna Francesca5 SEP 1792
HUYGHENS, Anne23 FEB 1698
HUYGHENS, Anne17 APR 1707
HUYGHENS, Barbara31 JAN 1761
HUYGHENS, Catherine14 JUL 1746
HUYGHENS, Cecilia14 NOV 1790
HUYGHENS, Egide17 JUL 1735
HUYGHENS, Egidy18 JUL 170416 NOV 1779
HUYGHENS, Elisabeth28 JUN 1696
HUYGHENS, Elisabeth28 FEB 170928 FEB 1709
HUYGHENS, Franciscus13 NOV 1784
HUYGHENS, Francois27 AUG 1757
HUYGHENS, Francois29 AUG 1756
HUYGHENS, Guillaume21 JUL 1754
HUYGHENS, Henri29 AUG 1756
HUYGHENS, Jacques10 OCT 1700
HUYGHENS, Jan Baptiste10 DEC 1764
HUYGHENS, Jean Baptist7 APR 1763
HUYGHENS, Jean Baptist18 OCT 1788
HUYGHENS, Jean Baptiste10 NOV 1742
HUYGHENS, Jean Corneille30 APR 1703
HUYGHENS, Jeanne21 FEB 1777
HUYGHENS, Joanna Maria Francisca17 FEB 181517 FEB 1877
HUYGHENS, Joannes Josephus20 SEP 177224 OCT 1854
HUYGHENS, Judocus19 MAY 1777
HUYGHENS, Judocus30 NOV 1786
HUYGHENS, Maria9 MAR 1777
HUYGHENS, Maria2 SEP 17579 JUL 1775
HUYGHENS, Maria12 MAR 1786
HUYGHENS, Marie Anne14 OCT 1752
HUYGHENS, Marie Anne29 JAN 1782
HUYGHENS, Martina23 APR 1775
HUYGHENS, Philippus1 FEB 1768
HUYGHENS, Pierre16 FEB 1738

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