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46 Individuals with the HUYGENS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
HUYGENS, Anna Catharina8 SEP 176317 MAR 1810
HUYGENS, Anne Marie26 SEP 1823
HUYGENS, Arnould19 JUN 1558
HUYGENS, Bartholomeus16 JUN 1818
HUYGENS, Brigitte Emile16-04-1959
HUYGENS, Carolus3 JUN 1846
HUYGENS, Catharina31 MAR 1866AFT 1930
HUYGENS, Christina
HUYGENS, Claire9 APR 185227 FEB 1924
HUYGENS, Corneille
HUYGENS, Cornelius12 APR 184226 NOV 1847
HUYGENS, Elisabeth18 JUL 1815
HUYGENS, Elisabeth1 MAY 18437 MAY 1844
HUYGENS, Elisabeth
HUYGENS, Franciscus7 FEB 1792
HUYGENS, FranciscusBEF 1864
HUYGENS, Franciscus
HUYGENS, Francois1 FEB 1821
HUYGENS, Henricus
HUYGENS, Jan BaptisteABT 1829AFT 1864
HUYGENS, JeanABT 1894AFT 1928
HUYGENS, Jean Baptiste11 OCT 1805
HUYGENS, Joanna Catharina4 NOV 1819
HUYGENS, Joanna Maria30 JUL 1900AFT 1928
HUYGENS, JoannesABT 1787
HUYGENS, Joannes
HUYGENS, Joannes HenricusABT 1857AFT 1899
HUYGENS, Joannes HenricusABT 1825AFT 1866
HUYGENS, Judocus23 DEC 176028 MAR 1811
HUYGENS, JulesABT 1885
HUYGENS, Margarita27 FEB 16107 NOV 1672
HUYGENS, MariaAFT 1730
HUYGENS, Maria Paulina
HUYGENS, Maria Theresia20 JAN 1796
HUYGENS, Marie Catherine11 DEC 187629 NOV 1956
HUYGENS, Marie Francisca8 FEB 1825
HUYGENS, MartinusBEF 1827
HUYGENS, Monique
HUYGENS, Petronella23 DEC 17937 DEC 1839
HUYGENS, Petrus Joannes6 AUG 1869AFT 1928
HUYGENS, Petrus JosephusABT 1816AFT 1864
HUYGENS, Petrus JosephusBEF 1899
HUYGENS, Philippe10 JUL 177313 OCT 1831
HUYGENS, SuzannaWFT Est 1614-1637WFT Est 1659-1725
HUYGENS, SuzannaWFT Est 1614-1637WFT Est 1659-1725
HUYGENS, Theodore5 OCT 180718 JUL 1869

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