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1953 Individuals with the HIXSON Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
HIXSON, Thomas Patterson2 AUG 1903
HIXSON, Thomas W.16 DEC 1863JUL 1940
HIXSON, Timothy3 APR 178429 AUG 1868
HIXSON, Timothycir 1709
HIXSON, Timothy
HIXSON, Timothy2 SEP 181218 MAR 1880
HIXSON, Timothy24 OCT 17639 FEB 1850
HIXSON, Timothyyoung
HIXSON, Timothy
HIXSON, Timothy1 MAY 177515 JAN 1857
HIXSON, Timothy
HIXSON, Timothy18 AUG 180027 JUN 1877
HIXSON, Timothy1730cir1811
HIXSON, Timothy15 JUN 180821 SEP 1888
HIXSON, Timothy
HIXSON, Timothy1805/10
HIXSON, Timothycir 1728?1781
HIXSON, Timothy A.cir 1832
HIXSON, Timothy Stringfield
HIXSON, Timothy Stringfield
HIXSON, Timothy Stringfield1775
HIXSON, Timothy Stringfield18421919
HIXSON, Tonya Lynn
HIXSON, Travis
HIXSON, Ulysiss Grant17 JUL 1865
HIXSON, unknown
HIXSON, unknown
HIXSON, Valentine M.5 AUG 183530 JUL 1836
HIXSON, Vallerie
HIXSON, Velton
HIXSON, Venova Lee
HIXSON, Vera Arlena
HIXSON, Vera Mae
HIXSON, Verna Essie
HIXSON, Versa Mae1918
HIXSON, Vestia- -1870/71
HIXSON, Victor
HIXSON, Victor William
HIXSON, Violet29 JAN 18971 DEC 1910
HIXSON, Virgie Bell
HIXSON, Virgil
HIXSON, Virgil William
HIXSON, Virginia
HIXSON, Virginia
HIXSON, Virginia
HIXSON, Virginia
HIXSON, Virginia Ann
HIXSON, Virginia Ann
HIXSON, Virginia Rose
HIXSON, Virginia Ruth3 FEB 1921
HIXSON, Vivian Ruth
HIXSON, Wallace
HIXSON, Wallace Attis
HIXSON, Wallace W192416 DEC 1944
HIXSON, Wallace W18941951
HIXSON, Walter A. GreenleeABT 1892
HIXSON, Walter Brown24 OCT 18771912
HIXSON, Walter C.
HIXSON, Walter Carver13 APR 1892
HIXSON, Walter J.OCT 1874
HIXSON, Walter Leroy
HIXSON, Wanda Gene
HIXSON, Ward Ella
HIXSON, Warren1920
HIXSON, Washignton16 JAN 18258 MAY 1908
HIXSON, Washington18421919
HIXSON, Washington "George W."cir 1836
HIXSON, Washington Foster
HIXSON, Wayne8 AUG 185820 AUG 1859
HIXSON, Wayne Thomas
HIXSON, Weita Fae
HIXSON, Wheeler
HIXSON, WilburJUN 1884
HIXSON, Wilburyoung
HIXSON, Wilbur Donald
HIXSON, Wilbur Donald
HIXSON, Wilbur Joseph2 APR 1882
HIXSON, Wiley1871
HIXSON, Wiley Carroll
HIXSON, Willard Fred
HIXSON, William185226 JAN 1872
HIXSON, Williamcir 1827
HIXSON, William
HIXSON, William
HIXSON, Williamcir 1732?bef 1828
HIXSON, William183019 AUG 1832
HIXSON, William24 JAN 177217 AUG 1854
HIXSON, William
HIXSON, William171519 SEP 1770
HIXSON, William
HIXSON, William
HIXSON, William25 DEC 177626 NOV 1854
HIXSON, William17 OCT 186123 JAN 1862
HIXSON, William20 AUG 18379 FEB 1876
HIXSON, William182210 APR 1893
HIXSON, William
HIXSON, William
HIXSON, William
HIXSON, William24 APR 1846
HIXSON, William
HIXSON, Williamcir 1849
HIXSON, Williamcir 1836
HIXSON, Williamcir16503/Dec/1722
HIXSON, William18041850
HIXSON, Williamcir 17701827
HIXSON, William
HIXSON, William
HIXSON, William
HIXSON, William15 OCT 18015 NOV 1879
HIXSON, William11 JAN 181230 OCT 1900
HIXSON, Williamcir1730Dec 1798
HIXSON, William
HIXSON, William11 MAY 1804
HIXSON, William12 FEB 186729 DEC 1869
HIXSON, William3 FEB 18633 FEB 1867
HIXSON, William "Bill"
HIXSON, William "Bill"
HIXSON, William Alexander1 FEB 1839
HIXSON, William Anderson
HIXSON, William B.9 OCT 180712 APR 1849
HIXSON, William B.
HIXSON, William C.cir Dec-1879
HIXSON, William Carl
HIXSON, William Carroll18621922
HIXSON, William Carroll18261899
HIXSON, William Don
HIXSON, William E.
HIXSON, William E.
HIXSON, William EarlFEB 1917
HIXSON, William Edgar7 JAN 1887
HIXSON, William Edley
HIXSON, William Francis4 SEP 1856
HIXSON, William Francis
HIXSON, William H.MAR 1867
HIXSON, William Henry23 OCT 18831966
HIXSON, William Henry
HIXSON, William J.6 AUG 1866
HIXSON, William Jacob15 JAN 19111985
HIXSON, William Jared24 APR 1923
HIXSON, William Joseph18561942
HIXSON, William M
HIXSON, William Marion1 SEP 1855
HIXSON, William McKinley
HIXSON, William McKinney
HIXSON, William McKinney "Mack"21 OCT 182717 APR 1922
HIXSON, William O.7 AUG 1847NOV 1894
HIXSON, William P.cir 1859
HIXSON, William Rawlston
HIXSON, William Robert14 JAN 194025 APR 1981
HIXSON, William S.
HIXSON, William S.
HIXSON, William Seth1 JUL 18375 DEC 1908
HIXSON, William Sherman29 NOV 1866
HIXSON, William Silas "Willie"
HIXSON, William Slater
HIXSON, William Wade18681897
HIXSON, William Washington18741951
HIXSON, William Wright22 JUN 186419 DEC 1947
HIXSON, William_E. "Bill Dock"
HIXSON, Willie
HIXSON, Willie
HIXSON, Willie Browder
HIXSON, Willie Claude
HIXSON, Willie Gladys
HIXSON, Willie Lee
HIXSON, Willie Lester24 OCT 1891
HIXSON, Willie Mae
HIXSON, Willie Marie
HIXSON, Willow Fay
HIXSON, Wilma Ada
HIXSON, Wilma Dean
HIXSON, Wilson
HIXSON, Wilson30 JAN 18185 SEP 1892
HIXSON, Wilson "Veryl"20 AUG 191329 MAY 1958
HIXSON, Wilson E.
HIXSON, Winfield T.1850
HIXSON, Winifred Maureen
HIXSON, Winnie
HIXSON, Yolanda Lynn
HIXSON, Zachariah Taylor18 JUL 18491916
HIXSON, Zellabef 1915
HIXSON, Zelpha Winifred25 OCT 1916aft 1987

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