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19 Individuals with the FUNCH Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FUNCH, Agnethe Elisabeth Clemensdatter172311 Oct 1786
FUNCH, Andreas Clemensen1716UNKNOWN
FUNCH, Anne ClausdatterABT. 17331769
FUNCH, Anniche ChristiansdatterABT. 16821743
FUNCH, Anniche DidrichsdatterABT. 16851738
FUNCH, Christopher Madsen24 Apr 1830UNKNOWN
FUNCH, Clemen Didrichsen5 Mar 16811732
FUNCH, Elisabeth Clemensdatter1719UNKNOWN
FUNCH, Ellen Elisabeth LarsdatterBEF. 17051749
FUNCH, Haagen PedersenABT. 17541798
FUNCH, Hedvig Clemensdatter1721UNKNOWN
FUNCH, Jacob JensenABT. 1831UNKNOWN
FUNCH, Johan JørgensenABT. 17351773
FUNCH, Karen Johansdatter17631819
FUNCH, Karen Johansdatter17101759
FUNCH, Karen MarieABT. 1819AFT. 1845
FUNCH, Kirstine Didrichsdatter1741AFT. 1787
FUNCH, Knud PedersenBEF. 1795BEF. 1845
FUNCH, Mandrup Nielsen

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