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25 Individuals with the FONES Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FONES, BlancheABT 1840
FONES, Charles
FONES, Clarence H.ABT 1840
FONES, Clarence W.18421848
FONES, Daniel Andrew1835
FONES, Daniel B.1813
FONES, Dorothy24 OCT 1608
FONES, Elizabeth Winthrop21 JAN 1609/101673
FONES, Ellen Matilda18401924
FONES, Hannah Augusta1849
FONES, Ida K. L.ABT 1838
FONES, Jeremiah
FONES, Jeremiah
FONES, JohnABT 165012 MAR 1712
FONES, LucyABT 1840
FONES, Lydia
FONES, Martha1611
FONES, Mary166820 Mar 1720/21
FONES, Mary167120 MAR 1721
FONES, Mary167120 MAR 1720/21
FONES, MeribahABT 1744
FONES, ParmenusABT 1840
FONES, Samuel
FONES, Samuel N.ABT 1840
FONES, Thomas24 MAR 1571/72

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