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71 Individuals with the FOOT Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FOOT, Aaron1890
FOOT, AdrianEst 1920/1930
FOOT, Ann (Annis)Abt 1599
FOOT, Barabara
FOOT, Barbara
FOOT, Bathsheba
FOOT, Betsey
FOOT, Brian
FOOT, Caroline9 APR 1971
FOOT, ChristopherMAY 1953MAY 1953
FOOT, Davidabt 1725
FOOT, Dorothy
FOOT, Elizabeth
FOOT, Elizabeth1892
FOOT, Ellen Aurelia12 OCT 1848
FOOT, Elnora SibeliaJUL 18571922
FOOT, Emma Rosamond9 AUG 185019 FEB 1881
FOOT, Enoch@I96571@
FOOT, Enoch
FOOT, George Newton1854
FOOT, HannahABT. 1690
FOOT, HannahAbt 1680
FOOT, Harry1895
FOOT, Heather1962
FOOT, Henry Simon1835
FOOT, Irene1953
FOOT, Isaac30 DEC 189913 OCT 1975
FOOT, James BEst 1899
FOOT, Jennie1815
FOOT, Jennie
FOOT, Jennifer1963
FOOT, Jesse
FOOT, John J.1815
FOOT, JonathanEst 1950
FOOT, Kate1888
FOOT, Kenneth
FOOT, Kitty
FOOT, Maria
FOOT, Maria
FOOT, Mary
FOOT, Mary
FOOT, Mary A.1833
FOOT, Maureen1958
FOOT, Maureen1958
FOOT, Mervyn1960
FOOT, Michael
FOOT, Michael26 DEC 1929JULY 2002
FOOT, Michael Marcus1860
FOOT, Muriel
FOOT, Muriel
FOOT, NathanABT 1844
FOOT, Nathaniel
FOOT, P.G.Abt 1849
FOOT, Pasco
FOOT, Pelatiah
FOOT, Rita
FOOT, Ronald
FOOT, Rowell
FOOT, Samuel1897
FOOT, Samuel1690
FOOT, Samuel
FOOT, Samuel
FOOT, Sarah
FOOT, StuartEst 1950
FOOT, Theophilus
FOOT, ______
FOOT, ______
FOOT, ?ABT 1850Deceased

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