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17 Individuals with the FAUT Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FAUT, Ada07 MAR 186808 FEB 1957
FAUT, Christian30 APR 181814 JAN 1898
FAUT, Christopher C13 FEB 1850
FAUT, Cleora Diana11 DEC 1891
FAUT, Elmer Joseph07 APR 186407 JUN 1950
FAUT, Emelia C (Emma)25 OCT 1860
FAUT, Forrest18 MAY 1924
FAUT, Forrest Freeman28 FEB 1897
FAUT, Gladys04 MAR 189317 AUG 1893
FAUT, Jacob
FAUT, Jessie Carol22 JUL 190001 SEP 1992
FAUT, John Frederick24 AUG 1852
FAUT, Marie
FAUT, Mary E A11 NOV 1854
FAUT, Merle Wood22 NOV 1901
FAUT, Mildred Yvonne11 DEC 1922
FAUT, Parker E04 FEB 1858

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