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2315 Individuals with the DAY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
DAY, AaronABT 17009 Sep 1778
DAY, Aaron
DAY, Aaron11 Aug 17159 Sep 1778
DAY, Aaron
DAY, Aaron
DAY, Aaron
DAY, Aaron
DAY, Aaron
DAY, Aaron H.FEB 1833AFT 1900
DAY, Aaron Wayne18 FEB 196622 DEC 1980
DAY, Abbie Jane22 DEC 185231 JAN 1873
DAY, Abbie Jane12 DEC 185231 JAN 1873
DAY, Abi
DAY, Abigail
DAY, Abigail
DAY, Abigail22 APR 166115 JUN 1725
DAY, Abigail12 JAN 1683/84
DAY, Abigail
DAY, Abigail22 APR 166121 DEC 1677
DAY, AbigailApr 175623 Jan 1827
DAY, Abigail1 NOV 1693
DAY, Abigail1683
DAY, Abigail7 MAY 1717
DAY, Abigail2 JAN 180928 NOV 1890
DAY, Abigail22 APR 1661
DAY, Abraham20 SEP 17471797
DAY, Abraham1 FEB 1710/11
DAY, Abraham
DAY, Abraham17 MAR 171218 MAR 1792
DAY, Abraham25 SEP 1713
DAY, Abraham John
DAY, Absalom180215 MAY 1870
DAY, AbsolomFEB 1822
DAY, AbsolomFEB 1822
DAY, Adaline W12 Apr 1846
DAY, Adam3 DEC 1982
DAY, Adelaide Elizabeth14 Feb 1917
DAY, Adelaide Elizabeth14 Feb 1917
DAY, Adeline Bathsheba9 Dec 1837
DAY, Adonijah28 Dec 17598 Sep 1776
DAY, Adonijah14 Mar 1778Jan 1852
DAY, Adonijah16 Jul 17331 Oct 1799
DAY, Adonijah14 Mar 1778
DAY, Adonijah20 Jan 180520 Oct 1875
DAY, Agnes AnneAbt 1432
DAY, Agnes Marie
DAY, Agnes or Anne1560
DAY, Ahab Ashby Teter14 JAN 183727 OCT 1878
DAY, AlbertABT 1863
DAY, Albert
DAY, AlbertABT 1863
DAY, Albert H.ABT. 1829
DAY, Alcy
DAY, Alexander190212 Sep 1937
DAY, Alexander
DAY, AlfredWFT Est. 1818-1863WFT Est. 1855-1944
DAY, Alfred15 FEB 1855
DAY, Alfred C.
DAY, Alfred Ernest1876
DAY, Alfred Ernest1876
DAY, Alice10 Mar 1609
DAY, Alice10 Mar 1609
DAY, Alice1579
DAY, Alice
DAY, Alice19221979
DAY, Alice
DAY, Alice1579
DAY, Alice Catherine
DAY, Alice Jane26 Feb 1915
DAY, Alice Jane26 Feb 1915
DAY, Alice Munson?
DAY, Allen
DAY, Allen K.
DAY, Allen Taylor21 NOV 1796
DAY, Allie Belle29 NOV 1870
DAY, Alma Pettyjohn
DAY, Almeda
DAY, Almira18 Aug 1794
DAY, Almira26 Oct 1818
DAY, Almira Maria
DAY, Alonza1 JAN 18935 SEP 1962
DAY, Alta A.21 DEC 1871
DAY, Alta Pearl
DAY, Alva Hampton20/21 January 191328 DEC 1994
DAY, AlvenzaWFT Est 1853-188416 FEB 1946
DAY, Alvin20 May 1763
DAY, Alyssa Nicole1 OCT 2005
DAY, Amanda18521870
DAY, Amanda1839
DAY, Amanda
DAY, Amanda9 SEP 18121903
DAY, Amasa14 Apr 1813
DAY, Amelia
DAY, AmosAPR 1834
DAY, AmosAPR 1834
DAY, AmyABT. 1807
DAY, AmyMAR 1852
DAY, Amy Michelle
DAY, Ananias Annis17 AUG 1824ABT 1876
DAY, Anderson
DAY, Andrew
DAY, Andrew
DAY, AndrewAFT 1796
DAY, Andrew Iaegar1899
DAY, ANDREW J.26 May 1817
DAY, AngelaPrivate
DAY, Angela1 JUN 1977
DAY, Angelica
DAY, AnnABT 1817
DAY, Ann1708
DAY, Ann26 JUN 17741851
DAY, Ann
DAY, AnnABT 16861715/1728
DAY, Ann
DAY, Ann4 Mar 1764
DAY, Anna28 Jan 1791
DAY, Anna04 NOV 185005 DEC 1915
DAY, Anna
DAY, Anna
DAY, AnnaABT 1782
DAY, Anna4 NOV 18506 DEC 1915
DAY, Anna26 NOV 187724 DEC 1908
DAY, Anna3 JAN 1863
DAY, Anna
DAY, Anna26 NOV 187724 DEC 1908
DAY, Anna Mary28 APR 1839
DAY, Anne18 MAR 175312 JUL 1835
DAY, Anne3 MAR 1799
DAY, Anne
DAY, Anne Catherine1 APR 1765
DAY, AnnieNOV 1898
DAY, Annie Clark (HR)22 JAN 1864
DAY, Anthony
DAY, Anthony161323 APR 1707
DAY, AnthonyAbt 161723 Apr 1707
DAY, Anthony James22 Jan 1986
DAY, AntoniusABT 1817AFT 1838
DAY, Arabella18 OCT 184812 OCT 1849
DAY, ArchibaldABT 1772AFT 1850
DAY, Archibald
DAY, Archibald
DAY, Archibald B.2 SEP 18131876
DAY, Archie25 Oct 190723 Dec 1995
DAY, Arlena Philena1863
DAY, Arminda18471870
DAY, Arthur BlairAUG 188121 OCT 1946
DAY, Arthur W.JUN 1888
DAY, Asa20 Oct 1802
DAY, Asa12 Aug 1761Oct 1841
DAY, Ashley
DAY, Ashley Elizabeth15 JUN 1988
DAY, Ashley Marie
DAY, Athens
DAY, Audrey5 Sep 1911
DAY, Averilla
DAY, BarbaraPrivate
DAY, BarbaraAbt 1848
DAY, Barbara Ann
DAY, Barbara Ann
DAY, Barbara Jean7 JUL 1948
DAY, Barbara Jean8 NOV 1953
DAY, Barbara Mandeville
DAY, BasilPrivate
DAY, Basil1798
DAY, Belldora1878
DAY, Benjamin27 OCT 171010 MAY 1808
DAY, Benjamin
DAY, Benjamin
DAY, BenjaminNOV 1868
DAY, Benjamin?
DAY, Benjamin7 FEB 170422 DEC 1777
DAY, Benjamin F.
DAY, Benjamin F.ABT 1813
DAY, Benjamin Franklin
DAY, Benjamin Ludlow2 JUL 1786
DAY, Benjamin Matthew
DAY, Benjamin P.30 MAY 1844
DAY, Benjamin Seth
DAY, Bennett Dale1564
DAY, Berdina
DAY, Berkley
DAY, Bernice Evelyn
DAY, Bernice Opal1907BEF. 1991
DAY, Bertha1875
DAY, Bertha
DAY, Bessie
DAY, Beth Ann
DAY, Beth Ann
DAY, Bethia
DAY, Bethiah10 FEB 1682/83
DAY, Betsey15 Feb 1809Apr 1835
DAY, Betsey1 MAY 1796
DAY, Betsey CookABT. 1910
DAY, Betty
DAY, Betty Ellen10 SEP 1968
DAY, Betty Marie
DAY, Betty Marie
DAY, Beulah Mae19 SEP 18988 JAN 1987
DAY, Beulah Mae19 SEP 18988 JAN 1987
DAY, Beulah Mae19 SEP 18988 JAN 1987
DAY, Beulah Mae19 SEP 18988 JAN 1987
DAY, Beulah Mae19 SEP 18988 JAN 1987
DAY, Beverly
DAY, Beverly
DAY, Beverly Jean28 NOV 1931
DAY, Bill27 JUL 1952
DAY, Bill
DAY, Blanche Mae
DAY, Blucher1849
DAY, Bobby
DAY, Bonita Bea13 Jul 1938
DAY, BrendaPrivate
DAY, Brett Lee15 FEB 1959
DAY, Brian Charles3 APR 1974
DAY, Bryanna Summer
DAY, Bryanna Summer
DAY, Burnetta D
DAY, Bursip Hannah27 APR 178912 NOV 1882
DAY, Caleb<1797>
DAY, Caleb Nathaniel
DAY, Calin Warren
DAY, Calvin18851915
DAY, Calvin18851915
DAY, Calvin
DAY, Calvin C
DAY, Candace Beth
DAY, Carl10 NOV 1875
DAY, Carl R.1989
DAY, Carla21 SEP 1982
DAY, Carlene Eunice20 Jun 1938
DAY, Carlos C.14 Jun 1809
DAY, Carlos E.14 Apr 1847
DAY, Carlos M.12 Aug 1833
DAY, Carol AnnPrivate
DAY, Caroline7 Sep 18262 Dec 1843
DAY, Caroline (HR)20 AUG 1882
DAY, Caroline Aurelia6 Aug 1845
DAY, Caroline Elizabeth22 FEB 1854

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