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31 Individuals with the D'HOE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
D'HOE, AdriaenAFT 1738
D'HOE, Andries5 AUG 180314 JUL 1871
D'HOE, Anna Catharina10 AUG 1774
D'HOE, Anna Catharina19 JUN 1793
D'HOE, Catharina1 JAN 1774
D'HOE, Catharina1 FEB 1756
D'HOE, Corneille4 MAR 172823 MAR 1803
D'HOE, Cornelius16 DEC 1778
D'HOE, Cornelius29 NOV 1758
D'HOE, Cornelius30 AUG 1751
D'HOE, Ferdinandus9 APR 1773
D'HOE, Francis31 MAY 174622 DEC 1805
D'HOE, Franciscus2 MAR 1760
D'HOE, Franciscus1 JUL 1765
D'HOE, Jacobus11 FEB 1795
D'HOE, Jacobus26 SEP 1753
D'HOE, Jan9 MAY 17611 JAN 1823
D'HOE, JanAFT 1780
D'HOE, Jan Baptist4 OCT 1772
D'HOE, Joannes8 DEC 1748
D'HOE, Joannes Josephus20 AUG 17764 SEP 1847
D'HOE, Josephus13 MAR 1756
D'HOE, Josephus Francis20 MAY 1759
D'HOE, Maria1 APR 1769
D'HOE, Maria1 MAY 1770
D'HOE, Maria Anna1 SEP 1783
D'HOE, Maria Joanna25 DEC 179120 DEC 1841
D'HOE, Maria Judoca13 FEB 1744
D'HOE, Maria Sidonia20 FEB 1922
D'HOE, Philomena18 MAR 184022 DEC 1892
D'HOE, Renatus4 OCT 1772

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