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72 Individuals with the DAM Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
DAM, Anders HansenABT. 1797UNKNOWN
DAM, Anders Hansen GudhjemABT. 1771AFT. 1808
DAM, Anders Magnus Pedersen28 JAN 1920
DAM, Anna15 Jun 1878UNKNOWN
DAM, Anne Margrethe AndersdatterBEF. 17381759
DAM, Anne Margrethe Christiansdatter1764AFT. 1801
DAM, Antonia28 Apr 180428 Nov 1884
DAM, Bartha Kirstine1792UNKNOWN
DAM, Bartha MarieABT. 1739AFT. 1801
DAM, Bærild Hansen26 Feb 184310 Aug 1907
DAM, Carl Jensen18211899
DAM, Carl TheodorABT. 1856AFT. 1890
DAM, Carldine KristineABT. 1851AFT. 1890
DAM, Caroline Ulrikke1797UNKNOWN
DAM, Cathrine Sophie18 May 1787AFT. 1826
DAM, Cecilie Kirstine Jensen18268 Jun 1900
DAM, ChristianABT. 1770UNKNOWN
DAM, Christiane Marie21 Aug 185114 Mar 1877
DAM, Doeke Douwes180814 FEB 1874
DAM, Doeke Ebbeles15 MAR 1901
DAM, Douwe
DAM, Douwe Doekes14 OCT 184120 JUL 1908
DAM, Douwe Ebbeles17 JAN 1900
DAM, Ebbele
DAM, Ebbele Douwes7 OCT 1874
DAM, Ebele Ebbeles6 OCT 1897
DAM, Elisabeth DortheABT. 1747AFT. 1787
DAM, ElizabethBEF 1751
DAM, Elizabeth1731
DAM, Ellen Marie8 Jan 184925 Jan 1891
DAM, Emil Peter FerdinandABT. 1860AFT. 1890
DAM, Frans Doekes15 MAR 18514 JUL 1934
DAM, Hans Christian9 Jul 184130 Sep 1901
DAM, Hans HansenABT. 1747AFT. 1801
DAM, Hans Peter1800BEF. 1808
DAM, Hans Weidemann17452 Jul 1805
DAM, Hansine Wilhelmine CathrineABT. 18361915
DAM, Jacob Seest12 Sep 17971891
DAM, Jan30 APR 1890
DAM, Jantje Ebbeles11 JUN 1896
DAM, Jens9 Apr 188814 May 1965
DAM, Jeppe Peter1790UNKNOWN
DAM, Jonathan
DAM, Judith
DAM, Judith
DAM, Karen Kirstine1802UNKNOWN
DAM, Kirsten Hansdatter Weidemann17811822
DAM, Kirstine Christiansdatter15 Feb 17351765/1772
DAM, Lars PedersenABT. 1831UNKNOWN
DAM, Lars Peter1795UNKNOWN
DAM, Liekele Ebbeles14 AUG 1902
DAM, Lieuwe
DAM, Maaike Ebbeles8 NOV 1898
DAM, Marcus Ludvig13 Nov 179125 Jun 1851
DAM, Margrethe KirstineJan 1807Feb 1807
DAM, Marie SophieABT. 1780AFT. 1845
DAM, Martje Franses2 JAN 1881
DAM, Mary
DAM, Mathilda
DAM, Morten ReinbergABT. 1784UNKNOWN
DAM, Niels AndersenABT. 1738AFT. 1779
DAM, Ole Hansen13 Mar 180816 Oct 1888
DAM, Oline12 Jan 184629 Oct 1904
DAM, Peder Christian18 May 178721 Jun 1857
DAM, Peder Hansen1800UNKNOWN
DAM, Peter RaschABT. 1732AFT. 1795
DAM, Poul Andersen17281764
DAM, Poul AnthoniABT. 1767UNKNOWN
DAM, Sandrine Caroline20 Dec 185426 Mar 1931
DAM, Seigne MogensdatterABT. 1731AFT. 1787
DAM, Sofie MarieABT. 18531887
DAM, ?

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