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1246 Individuals with the DEATON Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
DEATON, Aaron G.1843
DEATON, AbelABT 1862ABT 1863
DEATON, Abraham1839
DEATON, Abraham Webster AbelABT 1846
DEATON, Ada Belle26 MAR 188619 OCT 1975
DEATON, Ada Louise10 JAN 1959
DEATON, Adam1793
DEATON, Admiral Dewey05 JUN 189815 MAR 1939
DEATON, Adrian
DEATON, Agnes1847
DEATON, Albert
DEATON, Albert Benjamin Clifford17 JUL 189905 OCT 1966
DEATON, Albert Byron29 APR 187429 DEC 1953
DEATON, Albert Newton28 SEP 1858FEB 1935
DEATON, Albert Ross 'Doc'07 JAN 18571918
DEATON, Alexander18431872
DEATON, Alfred Eugene22 SEP 191120 DEC 1978
DEATON, AliceABT 1869ABT 1951
DEATON, Alice Amma
DEATON, Alice May18821954
DEATON, Allan11 FEB 187707 DEC 1956
DEATON, Allen JrABT 1907
DEATON, Alma RuthABT 1897AFT 1940
DEATON, AlonzoSEP 1882AFT 1977
DEATON, Alonzo F.24 SEP 1882BEF 1945
DEATON, Alonzo Stanley24 JUL 1890BEF 1985
DEATON, Alpha F.01 SEP 1878
DEATON, Alpha Omega18921987
DEATON, Alva Lincoln 'Link'21 NOV 186010 AUG 1923
DEATON, AmandaBET 1825 AND 1860
DEATON, Amanda22 DEC 180427 JUL 1831
DEATON, AmandaABT 1862
DEATON, Amanda Josephine185421 AUG 1934
DEATON, Amantha1855
DEATON, Amber M.ABT 1870
DEATON, America Jane15 MAR 187018 FEB 1935
DEATON, Amie AdelineABT 1847
DEATON, Amy Michele
DEATON, Andrew1820
DEATON, Andrew Benjamin Carmin23 MAY 185605 APR 1944
DEATON, Andrew Jackson11 MAY 181614 MAY 1890
DEATON, Andrew Jackson27 DEC 183829 JUL 1909
DEATON, Andrew Jackson06 JUL 1823
DEATON, Andrew Parham28 NOV 188814 JUN 1966
DEATON, Andrew T.
DEATON, Angela
DEATON, Angela Diane13 DEC 1976
DEATON, AngelinaABT 1850
DEATON, Anita Kay21 Sep 1966
DEATON, Anna19 AUG 19161996
DEATON, Anna Pauline22 FEB 190725 JUN 1959
DEATON, Annette Kay21 Dec 1974
DEATON, Annie Cleveland
DEATON, Annie LaurieABT 1895AFT 1940
DEATON, Archibald15 SEP 1868
DEATON, Arnie Hugh1907
DEATON, Arnold T.ABT 1875
DEATON, Arthur AndersonABT 1880
DEATON, Arthur Franklin11 DEC 188810 OCT 1937
DEATON, Arthur Lee1942
DEATON, Arthur Lee , Jr.
DEATON, Augusta Ann03 JUN 1896
DEATON, AusiaABT 1883
DEATON, Austin M.22 MAY 1883
DEATON, Baldos Francis191104 MAR 1991
DEATON, Baldos Francis Jr
DEATON, Barbara1836
DEATON, Barbara1821
DEATON, Barbara05 MAY 1838ABT 1853
DEATON, Barbara Ann
DEATON, Barbara Ernestine13 JUL 191324 DEC 1934
DEATON, Basel1782ABT 1845
DEATON, Basil1823
DEATON, Basil S. Lee21 JUN 18141890
DEATON, BatesABT 1873
DEATON, Ben ElleeABT 1893AFT 1940
DEATON, Benjamin10 OCT 1899JAN 1972
DEATON, BenjaminABT 1835
DEATON, Benjamin A.25 AUG 186316 NOV 1933
DEATON, Benjamin Franklin29 JAN 1861
DEATON, Benjamin RushABT 184919 APR 1888
DEATON, Bernard Wallace18 OCT 185607 MAR 1928
DEATON, Bernhita Jean
DEATON, Bernhita Jean
DEATON, Berta Louise11 MAY 190130 SEP 1992
DEATON, Bertha Mae29 NOV 190219 OCT 1994
DEATON, Bessie Gertrude23 APR 1898
DEATON, Bessie Katherine
DEATON, Bethel Claudius18 MAY 188030 MAR 1951
DEATON, Bette Nell
DEATON, Betty1934
DEATON, Betty24 JAN 19648 MAY 1900
DEATON, Betty1934
DEATON, Beverly
DEATON, Beverly Diane
DEATON, Billie
DEATON, Billy Ray
DEATON, Billye Jane
DEATON, BlaineABT 1909
DEATON, Blanche
DEATON, Bobbie Merle1922
DEATON, Bobby Joe
DEATON, Bonnie Elaine
DEATON, Bradley J.DEC 1879
DEATON, Branson1817AFT 1870
DEATON, Brantley1788
DEATON, Brantley Alexander26 AUG 185622 SEP 1935
DEATON, Bremer John23 APR 2003
DEATON, Brian Arthur
DEATON, Brian Christopher
DEATON, Brian Joseph
DEATON, Brian Lee
DEATON, Bridger24 MAY 2000
DEATON, Burrel177715 MAR 1854
DEATON, BurrelABT. 1870
DEATON, Burton Melton22 AUG 187808 NOV 1943
DEATON, Burton Washington
DEATON, Caleb M.1825AFT 1862
DEATON, Calvin16 NOV 184730 MAR 1864
DEATON, Calvin Lionberry28 FEB 188407 NOV 1950
DEATON, CarlNOV 1886
DEATON, Carl Curtis29 AUG 19051968
DEATON, Carolyn18 FEB 1942
DEATON, Carolyn1935
DEATON, CarolynABT 1928
DEATON, Carrel1853
DEATON, Carrie Edna21 APR 1892
DEATON, Carrie Iris
DEATON, Carrie Lee28 AUG 18791937
DEATON, Carrie Lynn
DEATON, CarsonABT 1882
DEATON, CatharineABT 1867
DEATON, Catherine9 Mar 19047 Aug 1980
DEATON, Catherine E.ABT 1842
DEATON, Catherine Isabel30 NOV 185512 OCT 1947
DEATON, Cecil Belford
DEATON, Cecil Belford Jr.
DEATON, Cecil Marie12 JAN 1901
DEATON, Celia Parsons
DEATON, Cernley1855BEF 1900
DEATON, Charity1783
DEATON, Charlcie DurelleABT 1860
DEATON, Charles21 JUN 184601 JUL 1857
DEATON, CharlesOCT 1869
DEATON, Charles08 JUL 1885
DEATON, Charles30 SEP 183403 AUG 1863
DEATON, Charles Chalmers15 APR 185125 SEP 1931
DEATON, Charles Harold06 JUL 1931
DEATON, Charles Hinton21 NOV 188313 OCT 1936
DEATON, Charles Hinton Jr26 OCT 191801 DEC 1991
DEATON, Charles Luther10 JUN 1895DEC 1982
DEATON, Charles Milton
DEATON, Charles Milton Jr
DEATON, Charles Oscar04 JUN 188315 MAR 1945
DEATON, Charles Wesley1854
DEATON, Charlotte L.13 MAY 184802 JAN 1926
DEATON, Chester Belton24 AUG 188006 MAR 1937
DEATON, Chester O.21 OCT 1885OCT 1969
DEATON, Chester Roosevelt11 OCT 1906FEB 1963
DEATON, Christian M.ABT 1880
DEATON, Christine6 Oct 19294 Dec 1993
DEATON, Claborn17791855
DEATON, Clara Jerrine
DEATON, Clarence Early08 JAN 190003 NOV 1971
DEATON, Clarence MiltonAPR 187816 MAR 1949
DEATON, Clarence Ross30 DEC 18731938
DEATON, Clarissa Alice15 JUL 186305 OCT 1925
DEATON, Clemmie30 JAN 189616 MAR 1939
DEATON, Clyde UvallABT 1885
DEATON, Connie
DEATON, Connie Louise
DEATON, CordeliaABT 1848
DEATON, Corine
DEATON, Corrah Bell05 DEC 187923 JAN 1924
DEATON, Craig Allen
DEATON, Cyrus Powell07 JAN 182210 DEC 1873
DEATON, Dana1820
DEATON, Daniel A.26 APR 185905 JAN 1928
DEATON, Daniel MartinABT 1885
DEATON, Daniel Taylor27 SEP 190521 MAY 1962
DEATON, Daniel WebsterABT 1853
DEATON, Daniel Worth02 DEC 191101 AUG 1999
DEATON, Daniel Worth Jr.
DEATON, Dara Lane
DEATON, Darinda Kay
DEATON, Darrell Wayne
DEATON, DauseyABT 1902ABT 1902
DEATON, DavidABT 1824OCT 1863
DEATON, David CalvinABT 1862
DEATON, David Calvin17 FEB 189111 NOV 1961
DEATON, David Calvin Jr.
DEATON, David Christopher
DEATON, David L.11 SEP 1854
DEATON, David Nichols
DEATON, David Ray
DEATON, David Steward16 MAR 187530 AUG 1879
DEATON, David W.1859
DEATON, Debbie Louise
DEATON, DeborahABT 1830
DEATON, Deliah1803
DEATON, Delilah C.ABT 19021948
DEATON, DeliliaABT 1847
DEATON, Delilia1827AFT 1860
DEATON, Della1876
DEATON, Delmer
DEATON, Delphina S.ABT 1859
DEATON, DennaMAY 1888
DEATON, Devon Patrick
DEATON, Dianna Lynn
DEATON, DisaABT 1891
DEATON, Dison06 MAY 180622 APR 1895
DEATON, DisonABT 188918 AUG 1889
DEATON, Dison ManleyABT 1876ABT 1915
DEATON, Donald
DEATON, Donna Louise09 AUG 1943APR 1994
DEATON, DoraABT 1903
DEATON, DoraABT 1884
DEATON, Dora D.1862
DEATON, Dorcas Jane
DEATON, Dorothy
DEATON, Dorothy Frances17 APR 192125 DEC 1991
DEATON, Dorothy Hazel
DEATON, Dorothy Jeanette
DEATON, Dorsey
DEATON, Dorsey Elbert20 JAN 189014 JAN 1938
DEATON, Douglas
DEATON, Douglas Clarke
DEATON, Doy Basil05 SEP 190910 NOV 1979
DEATON, Duncan R.08 FEB 1883BEF 1900
DEATON, DysonAFT 1756AFT 1840
DEATON, EarlABT 1874
DEATON, Earl E.NOV 1887
DEATON, Eddie Ray
DEATON, Edith1906
DEATON, Edith Anne
DEATON, Edith M.AUG 1884
DEATON, Edna May13 APR 187931 JAN 1906
DEATON, Edone Lee
DEATON, EdwardABT 1834
DEATON, EdwardABT 1874
DEATON, Edward Nelson08 SEP 1915
DEATON, Edward Veal

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