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1112 Individuals with the CARY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CARY, A Fanny30 Jul 1855Sep 1862
CARY, Abel17441815
CARY, Abel18231900
CARY, Abel17831820
CARY, Abigail1736
CARY, Abigail17171736
CARY, Abigail1759
CARY, Abigail1775
CARY, Abigail
CARY, Abigail1806
CARY, Abigail
CARY, Abigail31 AUG 16846 AUG 1737
CARY, Abigail1714
CARY, Abigail1702
CARY, Abigail
CARY, Abigail17031766
CARY, AbigailABT 1703
CARY, Abigail17581772
CARY, Abigail1729
CARY, Abigail1762
CARY, Abigail1749
CARY, Abigail16841737
CARY, Abigail31 Aug 1684
CARY, Abigail Kingsbury1807
CARY, Abijah18097 Sep 1892
CARY, Abijah
CARY, Abijah6 Mar 178121 Feb 1854
CARY, Abraham
CARY, Absalom
CARY, Absolom
CARY, Absolom1782
CARY, Adam de1170
CARY, Addie TABT 1860
CARY, Addie TABT 1860
CARY, Adelia1863
CARY, Adolphus1526
CARY, Agnes1555
CARY, Alanson1790
CARY, Alathea1724
CARY, Alfred Henry18541887
CARY, Alfred Henry18541887
CARY, Alfred Shields20 Jan 18704 Jun 1947
CARY, Alice7 Feb 1707
CARY, Alice1523
CARY, Alice Elizabeth
CARY, Alice Louise27 AUG 1856
CARY, Alice Louise27 AUG 1856
CARY, Allen1708
CARY, Almira1812
CARY, Althea1744
CARY, Alvina1810
CARY, Ambrose D1824
CARY, AmeliaABT. 1833
CARY, Amos1838
CARY, AmosAbt 1800
CARY, Amos H1847
CARY, Andrew21 Jan 18371910
CARY, Ann1708
CARY, Ann17266 SEP 1792
CARY, AnnABT 1748
CARY, Anna1745
CARY, Anna1739
CARY, Anna1782
CARY, Anna22 Jan 1764
CARY, Anna Bradford1815
CARY, Anna ElizabethUNKNOWN
CARY, Anne
CARY, Anne1649
CARY, Anne1590
CARY, Anne
CARY, Anne
CARY, Anne
CARY, Anne1706
CARY, Anne1728
CARY, Anne
CARY, Anne
CARY, Anne1728
CARY, Anne1720
CARY, AnneAbt 1493
CARY, Anne Mantia18131822
CARY, Annie
CARY, Anselm1787
CARY, Anthony1694
CARY, Anthony
CARY, Aquo1558
CARY, Aquo1537
CARY, Aquo1560
CARY, Archibald24 Jan 172126 Feb 1787
CARY, Archibald18151854
CARY, Archibald26 JAN 180623 NOV 1885
CARY, Archibald26 JAN 180623 NOV 1885
CARY, Archilaus Sylvester1851
CARY, Arthur1550
CARY, Asa177415 Sep 1862
CARY, Asa Bacon1835
CARY, Audrey C.
CARY, Avery17 FEB 178912 DEC 1864
CARY, Azubah1740
CARY, Barnabas3 Jul 17331795
CARY, Barnabas17911863
CARY, Barnabas25 Jul 18211 Oct 1878
CARY, Barnabas17701822
CARY, Barzillia1815
CARY, Barzillia1772
CARY, Bathsheba1693
CARY, Benajah1780
CARY, Benajah17191773
CARY, Benjamin16811734
CARY, Benjamin29 Aug 1681
CARY, Benjamin1706
CARY, Benjamin
CARY, Benjamin17631830
CARY, Benjamin
CARY, Benjamin1738
CARY, Benjamin1783
CARY, Benjamin17411741
CARY, Benjamin19 Jan 1749
CARY, Benjamin
CARY, Benjamin Franklin1898
CARY, Benjamin JAbt 1800Aug 1842
CARY, Benjamin Wesley18161854
CARY, Beriah1729
CARY, Bethia1696
CARY, Bethia17161736
CARY, Bethuel1793
CARY, Bethuel6 Apr 1744
CARY, Betsy1810
CARY, Bettie1 Feb 1754
CARY, Betty1 Feb 1754
CARY, Betty2 Oct 1779
CARY, Betty J.
CARY, Bridget1712
CARY, Bridgett1652
CARY, Bridgett1652
CARY, Bryon S2 Apr 185728 Nov 1862
CARY, Burnham
CARY, Byron Charles Ferdinand Plantagenet
CARY, Byron Godfrey Plantagenet28 JUN 19081971
CARY, Caleb5 Jun 1782
CARY, Caleb16 Aug 1747
CARY, Calvin
CARY, Calvin1739Jun 1823
CARY, Calvin17861851
CARY, Cassander1782
CARY, Catherine18521883
CARY, CatherineAbt 1534
CARY, Catherine
CARY, CatherineAbt 1534
CARY, Catherine1743
CARY, CatherineAbt 1528
CARY, CatherineAbt 154825 Feb 1602
CARY, Catherine I
CARY, Cephas5 Jun 177613 Mar 1868
CARY, Cephas1843
CARY, Cephas6 Aug 18128 Dec 1896
CARY, CephusAft 1862
CARY, Charles Graves10 Oct 1935
CARY, Charles JohnABT 1775
CARY, Charles John28 FEB 1809
CARY, Charles Luther18571864
CARY, Charles Luther18571864
CARY, Charles N1870
CARY, Charlotte
CARY, Chole17461778
CARY, Cindy Renee
CARY, Clara1799
CARY, Clarence Alfonzo28 Mar 1858
CARY, Cleopatra28 MAR 1628
CARY, Clifton J.
CARY, Clyde D.23 OCT 1897AUG 1977
CARY, Comfort17661838
CARY, Cornelius1846
CARY, Cornelius1812
CARY, Cynthia1851
CARY, Cynthia17921793
CARY, Cyrus Seward14 JAN 1873
CARY, Damaris10 Oct 1706
CARY, Damaris1706
CARY, Daniel1821
CARY, Daniel13 Aug 17791854
CARY, Daniel1818
CARY, Daniel1762
CARY, Daniel18161855
CARY, Daniel
CARY, Daniel1754
CARY, Daniel18071864
CARY, Daniel27 Nov 1770
CARY, Daniel1784
CARY, Daniel11 Jun 17581820
CARY, Daniel1733
CARY, Daniel1716
CARY, Daniel Madison
CARY, David
CARY, David1810
CARY, David1734
CARY, David7 Sep 1713
CARY, David27 Jan 1658/59
CARY, David
CARY, David
CARY, David18181878
CARY, DavidABT 1821
CARY, David1803
CARY, David27 Jan 16571718
CARY, David1729
CARY, David1698
CARY, David1823
CARY, David
CARY, David W18311901
CARY, Deborah17471812
CARY, Deborah Deniece11 NOV 1958
CARY, Delight6 Sep 1754
CARY, Dolores Ruth
CARY, Dolores Ruth
CARY, Dorcas1797
CARY, Dorcas1756
CARY, Doris2 OCT 19049 FEB 1981
CARY, Dorothy162*9
CARY, Drusilla1808
CARY, Dwight18461862
CARY, Ebenezer1765
CARY, Ebenezer1732
CARY, Ebenezer1717
CARY, Ebenezer1745
CARY, Ebenezer Miller1832
CARY, Ebenezer Palmer9 Mar 1764Nov 1845
CARY, Eddie
CARY, EdithAbt 1875
CARY, EDITH M.20 SEP 186619 DEC 1912
CARY, EdmundAbt 155712 Sep 1637
CARY, Edmund1555
CARY, Edward1540
CARY, Edward
CARY, Edward1730
CARY, Edward1521
CARY, Edward
CARY, Edward1732
CARY, Edward1822
CARY, Edward1743
CARY, Edward
CARY, Edward Colby1871
CARY, Edwin Adelbert18521915
CARY, Edwin Adelbert18521915
CARY, Edwin Adelbert18521915

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