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51 Individuals with the CRYE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CRYE, AmandaABT 1860
CRYE, Annie Bell18821922
CRYE, Archie Belton27 SEP 1905
CRYE, Carmel RufusPrivate
CRYE, Charlie BarnesPrivate29 OCT 1927
CRYE, Clara Belle
CRYE, David5 FEB 1803
CRYE, DavidABT 18531 FEB 1942
CRYE, David EdwinPrivate
CRYE, Dicey2 NOV 18581 FEB 1942
CRYE, Effie17 FEB 18784 OCT 1961
CRYE, Elzie Lee15 MAY 190416 JUL 1973
CRYE, Ernest Mercy1 DEC 1890
CRYE, Frank Lesley26 JAN 1897
CRYE, Gladys LucillePrivate19 NOV 1997
CRYE, Gordon E.
CRYE, Greely
CRYE, Harrison
CRYE, Heidi
CRYE, Heidi
CRYE, Homer Lee5 AUG 187121 JUL 1949
CRYE, Horace1888
CRYE, Irene Winfrey3 MAR 187330 MAY 1957
CRYE, James
CRYE, John
CRYE, John26 MAY 172727 JAN 1794
CRYE, John James27 JUL 183030 MAY 1862
CRYE, John Rufus2 MAY 188328 DEC 1962
CRYE, John Thomas29 NOV 18508 AUG 1934
CRYE, Jonathan7 SEP 1806
CRYE, Laura Lee Spinks11 SEP 18928 MAR 1942
CRYE, Lewis
CRYE, Lillian Lillie Snow21 SEP 18801 JUL 1912
CRYE, Mazie18921980
CRYE, Newby FrancisPrivate
CRYE, Owens
CRYE, Perry Ellis15 AUG 18751940
CRYE, Rachael
CRYE, Rollin JeffersonABT 1869
CRYE, Ruth
CRYE, Sally
CRYE, Scott
CRYE, WilliamABT 1833
CRYE, William175230 AUG 1835
CRYE, William SpinksABT 1867
CRYE, Willie Sue
CRYE, Zach ReddockABT 1865
CRYE, Zelma

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