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39 Individuals with the BODILY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
BODILY, April Elaine
BODILY, Arlyn "R"
BODILY, Barbara
BODILY, Clair "S"
BODILY, Colton Wesley2 MAR 1998
BODILY, Damon Scott7 NOV 1995
BODILY, Ethan Glen28 OCT 1999
BODILY, Howard Lynn
BODILY, Howard Lynn
BODILY, James Richard
BODILY, James Richard11 Feb 187212 Apr 1967
BODILY, Jane Eliza12 Nov 186622 Jul 1953
BODILY, John Mark
BODILY, Joseph
BODILY, Kaylyn
BODILY, Kenneth Howard
BODILY, Lucy Mae9 Apr 187530 Nov 1944
BODILY, Lydia6 OCT 188511 DEC 1935
BODILY, Mariah
BODILY, Marilla Annette
BODILY, Melvin Blayne
BODILY, Richard James
BODILY, Richard Joel
BODILY, Robert Henry10 Feb 18706 Feb 1946
BODILY, Ruth Elizabeth10 Feb 1870
BODILY, Ruth Elizabeth22 May 186824 Nov 1960
BODILY, Sarah Lovinia23 Sep 187322 Dec 1875
BODILY, Sherri Kay
BODILY, Sherri Kay
BODILY, Sidney Scott2 NOV 1971
BODILY, Sylvan
BODILY, Tayton John27 MAY 1993
BODILY, Weston David
BODILY, William14 May 184231 May 1927
BODILY, William Edward20 Aug 186527 Dec 1944
BODILY, William James

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