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73 Individuals with the BATTLE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
BATTLE, Alfred1801
BATTLE, Amy Elizabeth
BATTLE, Amy Elizabeth
BATTLE, Annetta Sue19 APR 1942
BATTLE, Betty Lelia
BATTLE, Clare Elizabeth
BATTLE, Daniel1662
BATTLE, Ebenezer16901759
BATTLE, Eddie Joe19 JAN 1928
BATTLE, Eddie Joe19 JAN 1928
BATTLE, Elizabeth1692
BATTLE, Elizabeth Frances
BATTLE, Elizabeth Williams20 FEB 1797
BATTLE, Eva Catherine
BATTLE, Eva Catherine
BATTLE, Francis
BATTLE, Francis
BATTLE, Fred1792
BATTLE, George
BATTLE, Hannah16801682
BATTLE, Issac Joel
BATTLE, Jack Buford
BATTLE, Jesse173825 AUG 1805
BATTLE, JohnDEC 1776
BATTLE, John1 Jul 165220 Sep 1712
BATTLE, John16601728
BATTLE, John16901774
BATTLE, John1693
BATTLE, John Allen
BATTLE, John Allen Jr.
BATTLE, John Allen Sr.
BATTLE, John JosephWFT Est 1852-1881WFT Est 1906-1966
BATTLE, JonathanAbt 1700
BATTLE, Jonathan1658
BATTLE, Larken1794
BATTLE, Laura Elizabeth LouisePrivate
BATTLE, Lawrence20 MAR 1787
BATTLE, Leone Tyree26 AUG 1892UNKNOWN
BATTLE, Lorella Frue23 Jul 192518 Mar 1926
BATTLE, Louisa Jane "Puss"14 JUN 184420 JAN 1900
BATTLE, Lucien Hunter
BATTLE, Margaret M.
BATTLE, Martha16601674
BATTLE, Martha Williams1799
BATTLE, Mary1683
BATTLE, Mary6 May 1650
BATTLE, Mary Ann
BATTLE, Matthew16001669
BATTLE, Ralph Emory
BATTLE, Ralph Emory
BATTLE, Rebekah Lynn
BATTLE, Rebekah Lynn
BATTLE, Richard Bryan Chris Wilde
BATTLE, Robert Allen
BATTLE, Robert Allen
BATTLE, Samuel1672
BATTLE, Sarah6 Aug 1654
BATTLE, Sarah Warren18151863
BATTLE, Stanley Devoe
BATTLE, Stanley Devoe
BATTLE, Susan Irene7 Aug 1889DEAD
BATTLE, Susannah Faucette
BATTLE, Suzanne
BATTLE, Thomas25 Jul 1658
BATTLE, Thomas16208 Feb 1706
BATTLE, Thomas14 AUG 1786
BATTLE, William24 APR 1790
BATTLE, WilliamDEC 1802
BATTLE, William1696
BATTLE, William RobertABT. 189223 Oct 1944
BATTLE, William Robert ,Jr.

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