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27 Individuals with the ZELDERLOO Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ZELDERLOO, Antonius23 SEP 18728 APR 1882
ZELDERLOO, Clementia Alicia22 JAN 190115 SEP 1903
ZELDERLOO, Clementia Alicia30 JAN 1905AFT 1930
ZELDERLOO, Coleta5 JUL 1833
ZELDERLOO, Elisabeth13 OCT 18215 AUG 1876
ZELDERLOO, Franciscus21 JUL 1869AFT 1911
ZELDERLOO, Franciscus Arthur13 NOV 1898AFT 1925
ZELDERLOO, Franciscus Henricus23 SEP 1895AFT 1930
ZELDERLOO, Gerardus25 DEC 1877
ZELDERLOO, Gustavus10 JAN 1886
ZELDERLOO, Henricus9 SEP 182421 DEC 1911
ZELDERLOO, Joannes Baptist24 DEC 1822AFT 1902
ZELDERLOO, Joannes Franciscus28 MAR 1829
ZELDERLOO, Joannes Franciscus22 NOV 181914 AUG 1825
ZELDERLOO, Joannes Josephus12 SEP 1874AFT 1914
ZELDERLOO, Joannes Ludovicus6 SEP 1860
ZELDERLOO, Josephina Maria14 AUG 1896AFT 1930
ZELDERLOO, LeopoldABT 178530 SEP 1849
ZELDERLOO, Ludovicus Judocus
ZELDERLOO, Maria Dorothea19 JUN 1869
ZELDERLOO, Maria Ludovica16 FEB 18678 APR 1910
ZELDERLOO, Maria Philomena28 NOV 186227 FEB 1870
ZELDERLOO, Marie Therese11 OCT 182627 OCT 1874
ZELDERLOO, Petronella16 DEC 1817
ZELDERLOO, Petrus Amandus30 JAN 187616 OCT 1876
ZELDERLOO, Petrus Victor18 OCT 1870AFT 1930
ZELDERLOO, Virginia26 JAN 18651 FEB 1874

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