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54 Individuals with the ZEHRING Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ZEHRING, Ada May2 MAY 1909
ZEHRING, Anna Elizabeth28 OCT 1749
ZEHRING, Anna Gertraud11 JUL 17348 AUG 1735
ZEHRING, Anna Margarette
ZEHRING, Bertha Mary13 JUL 190415 JAN 1982
ZEHRING, Calvin Charles4 OCT 1913
ZEHRING, Catherine
ZEHRING, Catherine
ZEHRING, Christian5 APR 174811 JUN 1748
ZEHRING, Christian5 OCT 17555 JUN 1832
ZEHRING, Christian
ZEHRING, Christina
ZEHRING, Clarence D.12 AUG 1888
ZEHRING, Clinton Reber8 NOV 1863
ZEHRING, Daniel Ephriam30 MAR 1921
ZEHRING, Elizabeth
ZEHRING, Elizabeth Marie18 OCT 1732
ZEHRING, Emaline18 AUG 18451857
ZEHRING, Emma Matilda2 DEC 1916
ZEHRING, Gertrude Ellen12 SEP 1901
ZEHRING, Harrison Reber5 MAR 186217 OCT 1946
ZEHRING, Jacob29 JAN 179529 NOV 1854
ZEHRING, Jacob C.29 NOV 1885
ZEHRING, Johann Christ4 MAR 173611 MAR 1736
ZEHRING, Johann Theiss13 DEC 1745
ZEHRING, JohannesBetween April And JuBetween May 26, 1772
ZEHRING, Johannes29 JAN 183219 MAY 1879
ZEHRING, Johannes2 MAR 180221 JAN 1866
ZEHRING, Johannes20 MAR 1760
ZEHRING, Johannes Bast23 MAR 173124 APR 1732
ZEHRING, Johannes Henrich (Henry)3 APR 1737
ZEHRING, John Jacob6 SEP 17656 DEC 1843
ZEHRING, John Thomas23 APR 1907
ZEHRING, Levi13 OCT 186021 FEB 1861
ZEHRING, Levi15 APR 182728 MAR 1845
ZEHRING, Levi Perry19 FEB 1882
ZEHRING, Ludwig16 SEP 1739
ZEHRING, Mable Anna9 JAN 1911
ZEHRING, Maria Barbara
ZEHRING, Mary(?) 1772(?) 1798
ZEHRING, Mary17721798
ZEHRING, Morris Hable10 APR 1908
ZEHRING, Peter16 NOV 1797
ZEHRING, Rosanna Elizabeth14 NOV 1915
ZEHRING, Susanna Marie
ZEHRING, Thomas Milton21 MAY 18809 JAN 1968
ZEHRING, Wilhelm (William)21 JUL 18357 JAN 1915
ZEHRING, William
ZEHRING, William Harrison21 AUG 1884

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