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33 Individuals with the ZAPPALA Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ZAPPALA, Agata16 Jan 1862
ZAPPALA, Alfio3 Jun 182722 Mar 1859
ZAPPALA, Angelo23 Mar 1847
ZAPPALA, Anna9 Mar 1885
ZAPPALA, Antonina11 Jun 185810 Oct 1903
ZAPPALA, Antonino16 Jan 1879
ZAPPALA, Antonino5 Dec 1820
ZAPPALA, AntoninoBEF 1864
ZAPPALA, Carmelo6 Oct 188616 Mar 1983
ZAPPALA, Egidia2 Jul 1888
ZAPPALA, Francesco14 Jun 1877
ZAPPALA, Francesco2 Jul 1891
ZAPPALA, Francesco6 Nov 182213 Dec 1902
ZAPPALA, Gaetana30 Jun 1824
ZAPPALA, Gaetana Maria28 Oct 1889
ZAPPALA, Giuseppe22 Oct 18291 Apr 1908
ZAPPALA, GiuseppinaABT 19087 May 1909
ZAPPALA, Giuseppina Maria Michelina9 May 1910
ZAPPALA, Maria25 May 1837
ZAPPALA, Maria Catena31 Jan 1893
ZAPPALA, Mariano25 Feb 1852
ZAPPALA, MarianoABT 179127 Dec 1864
ZAPPALA, RosaABT 18838 May 1901
ZAPPALA, Rosa23 Jun 182610 Jul 1826
ZAPPALA, Rosa11 Jul 1835
ZAPPALA, Rosaria10 Jul 1842
ZAPPALA, Salvadore1 Jan 1864
ZAPPALA, Salvadore22 May 183114 Nov 1831
ZAPPALA, Salvatore30 Apr 1882
ZAPPALA, Salvatore21 Aug 1839
ZAPPALA, Venera25 Jan 1854
ZAPPALA, Venera20 Apr 1833

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