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69 Individuals with the ZABEL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ZABEL, Albertine Caroline Fredericke18 OCT 187713 APR 1923
ZABEL, AliceABT 1930
ZABEL, Aline29 MAR 1898
ZABEL, Andrew William5 JAN 1906FEB 1977
ZABEL, Anna Fredericka12 OCT 1861
ZABEL, Arthur23 SEP 1934
ZABEL, Augustus
ZABEL, Bill6 JAN 1942
ZABEL, BrucePrivate
ZABEL, CharlesBEF 186517 NOV 1949
ZABEL, Darlene
ZABEL, Debra
ZABEL, Donald
ZABEL, Donald H.22 FEB 1948
ZABEL, Dorothy Caroline6 DEC 18866 JUL 1985
ZABEL, Emma25 MAY 186529 MAR 1925
ZABEL, Esther Lillie13 SEP 1895
ZABEL, Floyd W.28 AUG 1942
ZABEL, Frederick W.12 FEB 1833
ZABEL, Gail L.ABT 1978
ZABEL, Harley J.ABT 1980
ZABEL, Harvey L.13 SEP 1941
ZABEL, Helen4 AUG 1947
ZABEL, Hugo17 FEB 1967
ZABEL, Ida Sophia Christina6 NOV 18752 JAN 1935
ZABEL, Janice F.9 NOV 1963
ZABEL, Jennifer SuePrivate
ZABEL, Johann AdamDeceased
ZABEL, Johann Frederich Heinrich18 AUG 18832 JUN 1933
ZABEL, Johannes Herman Fredericke6 AUG 18817 OCT 1968
ZABEL, John19481959
ZABEL, John E.24 APR 19481 MAY 1959
ZABEL, John Fred10 MAR 18731950
ZABEL, Joyce M.19 OCT 1955
ZABEL, Judene
ZABEL, Karl1977
ZABEL, Karl Wilhelm Friedrich18 APR 187025 FEB 1941
ZABEL, Kathleen
ZABEL, Lelah Mathilda29 JAN 190918 JUN 1971
ZABEL, Leonard14 JUL 1938
ZABEL, Lizzie
ZABEL, Louis7 JUL 187128 JAN 1948
ZABEL, Mary Ellen
ZABEL, Mary Wilhelmina Johanna11 JUL 1868
ZABEL, Mildred Caroline26 AUG 19035 FEB 1991
ZABEL, Nancy J.ABT 1976
ZABEL, Orpha Marie24 FEB 191727 MAY 1997
ZABEL, Patrick H.
ZABEL, Ronald C.8 JAN 1930APR 1983
ZABEL, SandyABT 1974
ZABEL, Sarah
ZABEL, Sarah Elizabeth
ZABEL, Selina Harretta18 APR 190116 APR 1967
ZABEL, Sharon
ZABEL, Susan
ZABEL, Susan Patricia
ZABEL, Tom4 MAY 1944
ZABEL, Valerie Jeanne
ZABEL, Walter Herman15 SEP 191230 AUG 1979
ZABEL, William
ZABEL, 1 MAY 1899
ZABEL, 13 FEB 1902
ZABEL, 21 APR 1903
ZABEL, 14 OCT 1905
ZABEL, 6 OCT 1906

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