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62 Individuals with the WHALE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WHALE, *unknown*3850-13
WHALE, *unknown*3849-13
WHALE, Charles27 Mar 1831
WHALE, Charles John185521 Feb 1909
WHALE, Charles Matthew18291902
WHALE, Donette?
WHALE, Edmund Philemon
WHALE, Edmund Philemon
WHALE, Eliza18571921
WHALE, Eliza18571921
WHALE, Elizabeth
WHALE, Elizabeth161514 DEC 1690
WHALE, Elizabeth
WHALE, Elizabeth31 JAN 159314 DEC 1690
WHALE, Elizabeth31 Jan 159314 Dec 1690
WHALE, EllenAbt 1866
WHALE, Emily1867
WHALE, Emma22 Jun 1828
WHALE, Henry
WHALE, Henry
WHALE, HenryABT 1615
WHALE, Isaac29 Jan 1826
WHALE, James17651811
WHALE, James1860
WHALE, Johan
WHALE, Johan
WHALE, Johan (Joane)<1562>
WHALE, JohnABT 1560AFT 21 Mar 1608
WHALE, John1608
WHALE, Jonas
WHALE, Jonas18 MAY 1629
WHALE, JonasABT 1614
WHALE, Joseph1729
WHALE, Mark179622 Jun 1871
WHALE, MaryABT 1619
WHALE, Muriel
WHALE, Philemon
WHALE, PhilemonABT 156423 Mar 1619
WHALE, Philemon22 Feb 157523 Mar 1620
WHALE, PhilemonABT 1617
WHALE, Philemon22 FEB 157523 MAR 1620
WHALE, Philemon
WHALE, Philemon
WHALE, Philemon15601620
WHALE, Philemon159024 FEB 1675
WHALE, Philimon23 DEC 1625
WHALE, Philimon
WHALE, Philimon159024 FEB 1675/76
WHALE, Reginald Victor18961973
WHALE, Richard1525AFT AUG 1567
WHALE, Richard1525AFT Aug 1567
WHALE, Robert Lea1834
WHALE, Sarah
WHALE, Sophia17941879
WHALE, Susanna16 OCT 1764
WHALE, Unknown
WHALE, Unknown

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