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191 Individuals with the WEIL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WEIL, (Georgia) Ruth Cardinal1 Oct 1983
WEIL, Abraham29 Mar 185413 Jan 1910
WEIL, Abraham12 Jun 1818
WEIL, Abraham "Aron"23 Nov 183220 Dec 1925
WEIL, Abraham Simon
WEIL, Adele5 Mar 1822
WEIL, Adeline Mcentire15 Jul 2005
WEIL, Adolph18 Nov 186023 Jul 1880
WEIL, Adolph3 Mar 18884 Jan 1968
WEIL, Adolph "Andy"18 Nov 1956
WEIL, Adolph "Bucks"8 Feb 19151995
WEIL, Adolph "Drew"20 Sep 1982
WEIL, Alexis Cherie "Lexie"14 Feb 1970
WEIL, AlmaAbt 189712 Oct 1987
WEIL, Alvin R17 Nov 1895
WEIL, Amanda Baim28 May 1985
WEIL, Andrew K
WEIL, AronAbt 174724 Apr 1813
WEIL, Arthur WilliamABT 1943
WEIL, Baille Parker2 Dec 2003
WEIL, Barbara
WEIL, Barbara
WEIL, Barbara "Babette"11 Mar 1841
WEIL, Bella "Isabells"1887
WEIL, BernheimAbt 1868
WEIL, Bertha
WEIL, Bertie18881956
WEIL, Betty18 Nov 19176 Mar 1991
WEIL, Carol28 Feb 19125 Jan 2001
WEIL, Carol Ann
WEIL, Caroline15-SEP-1869
WEIL, Caroline Mietje26-FEB-187310-SEP-1942
WEIL, Charles Alexander Roman21 Jul 1971
WEIL, Charles Parker29 Oct 2002
WEIL, Cosman19012-AUG-1919
WEIL, Cosman14-NOV-1989
WEIL, Daniel Joseph1-SEP-1824
WEIL, Dina Meijer28-MAR-1830
WEIL, Dustin Kaufman1 Jan 1992
WEIL, Elizabeth
WEIL, Elizabeth1918
WEIL, Emile9 Oct 186424 Apr 1952
WEIL, Emma21 Dec 1870
WEIL, Emma Lee
WEIL, Esther Joseph15-JUN-1840
WEIL, Esther Simon
WEIL, Esther\Bessie
WEIL, Eugenie "Johanna"1859
WEIL, Flossie14 Oct 188530 Jan 1979
WEIL, Frances18901890
WEIL, Gabriel
WEIL, Gizella Katti
WEIL, Grietje Josef12-MAY-18323-AUG-1852
WEIL, Grietje Meier4-NOV-18391925
WEIL, Hanna Meir1846bef ORE 1881
WEIL, Hannah
WEIL, Hannah Simon1861
WEIL, Harold Simon1 Sep 189016 Feb 1958
WEIL, Harry
WEIL, Hartog Moses1816
WEIL, Helen Jane19 Apr 191716 Oct 2001
WEIL, Helen Theresa7 Nov 18941 May 1976
WEIL, Helena19 Jan 1830
WEIL, Henrietta
WEIL, Henry
WEIL, Henry Abe10 Oct 18954 Jan 1969
WEIL, Henry Leopold7 Nov 182121 Nov 1877
WEIL, Herman11 Sep 18573 Jan 1941
WEIL, Hermann23 Mar 18441 Dec 1908
WEIL, Hermione Dorah24 Aug 18977 Aug 1989
WEIL, HironimusAbt 1789
WEIL, Hyman Simon15-NOV-1871
WEIL, Irene9-NOV-1926
WEIL, Isaac Moses10-SEP-187220-JAN-1944
WEIL, Isaak16 Jan 1838
WEIL, Isaiah "Isha Josiah Esa"29 Nov 183220 Dec 1925
WEIL, Isidor24 Apr 185630 Mar 1946
WEIL, Jacob "Jake"Abt 18221 Mar 1893
WEIL, Jacob Meijer27-SEP-1837
WEIL, Jan Katharine25 Jul 1952
WEIL, Jeanne26 Nov 18911980
WEIL, Joan30 Nov 1927
WEIL, Joel Simon1876
WEIL, John
WEIL, John
WEIL, Joseph16 AUG 1921
WEIL, Joseph
WEIL, Joseph Moses20-JAN-180423-JUL-1876
WEIL, Joseph Simon16-JUL-1873
WEIL, Josiah10 Jan 18081 Feb 1887
WEIL, Judic Joseph14-JUL-1838
WEIL, Judith Alexander
WEIL, Judith Joseph31-MAY-1847
WEIL, Julia
WEIL, JuliaAbt 1864
WEIL, Kenneth
WEIL, Kenneth Cecil
WEIL, Klara Joseph5-AUG-1827
WEIL, Lacey Lorraine20 May 1975
WEIL, Laura May7 Feb 187716 May 1933
WEIL, Laurie Jean7 Mar 1950
WEIL, Lazarus LiebmanAbt 1777
WEIL, Lee Herman23 May 18751954
WEIL, Lena18691937
WEIL, Lena Simon1873
WEIL, Leon
WEIL, Leonel29 Mar 188929 Nov 1982
WEIL, Lily21-AUG-187611-DEC-1942
WEIL, Living
WEIL, Living
WEIL, Living
WEIL, Lois
WEIL, Louis Adolph31 Jul 18887 Feb 1971
WEIL, LouisaAbt 1865
WEIL, LouiseAbt 1819
WEIL, Ludwig1867
WEIL, Margaret Lee "Margaret Lee"1921
WEIL, Maria ( Michla ) Meijer ( Weijle )1840
WEIL, Mary C.
WEIL, Mary Lynne "Mary"1927
WEIL, Mary Yates "Maya"1965
WEIL, Mathilde4 Jan 1906Abt 1984
WEIL, Maureen FrancisABT 1946
WEIL, May28 Jan 188025 Oct 1957
WEIL, Meier Simon28-OCT-1859
WEIL, Meijer Moses6-MAR-1806bef ORE 1864
WEIL, Meijer Moses
WEIL, Michael30-AUG-1867
WEIL, MinnieAbt 1869
WEIL, Minnie
WEIL, Mose Liemann
WEIL, Moses18991954
WEIL, Moses Jacob1761
WEIL, Moses Meijer9-JUL-1835JUNE QTR 1900
WEIL, Moses Meijer9-JUL-1835
WEIL, Moses Simon1879
WEIL, Myer1-JAN-1870
WEIL, Naatje Joseph9-JUN-1834
WEIL, Naatje Meijer4-DEC-1832
WEIL, Naphtali1 Mar 1844
WEIL, NathamAbt 1852
WEIL, Nora
WEIL, Pauline "Paula"1891
WEIL, Philip
WEIL, Phillip
WEIL, Rachel26-FEB-1842
WEIL, Rachel1840
WEIL, Rachel Josef5-JUL-18425-MAR-1847
WEIL, Rachel Josef11-NOV-185020-JAN-1940
WEIL, RebeccaAbt 185322 Apr 1933
WEIL, Rebecca9-MAY-189819-JAN-1993
WEIL, Reina11-JUN-1865
WEIL, Reina7 JAN 1859
WEIL, Robert Schoenhof "Bobby"29 Nov 1919
WEIL, Robert Schoenhof "Bobby"21 Jul 1951
WEIL, Robert Schoenhof "Rob"23 Mar 1981
WEIL, Robin Conolly
WEIL, Roman Lee5 Oct 191213 Dec 1969
WEIL, Roman Lee22 May 1940
WEIL, Rosa16 Oct 186215 Apr 1956
WEIL, Rosalind Frances11 Jun 1947
WEIL, Rosine
WEIL, Sadie2 Jan 188330 Jul 1959
WEIL, Salomon
WEIL, Samson
WEIL, Samuel
WEIL, SarahAbt 1860
WEIL, Selena7 Jun 186228 Feb 1908
WEIL, Sidney Jacob
WEIL, Siegfried2 Apr 1889
WEIL, Sigmund22 Feb 18981 Jul 1971
WEIL, Simon H
WEIL, Simon Joseph3-DEC-1844
WEIL, Simon Meijer9-JUL-1835
WEIL, Simson Simon7 Feb 18471850
WEIL, Suzane "Sue"19 Aug 19202 Apr 1973
WEIL, Tanya Celene1970
WEIL, Theresa24 Nov 18791948
WEIL, Travis Jewels
WEIL, Unknown
WEIL, Unknown
WEIL, Unknown
WEIL, Victor1942
WEIL, Virginia Ann "Vickie"14 Sep 1943
WEIL, Vrouwtje Joseph20 JUN 1836
WEIL, WilliamAbt 1864
WEIL, William
WEIL, William Simon1872
WEIL, Wolfgang "Wolf"Abt 179226 Mar 1858
WEIL, Zadok Meijer21-MAY-1851

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