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266 Individuals with the WETZEL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WETZEL, Achim2 MAY 1963
WETZEL, Adam Zachary Nelson etc.14 JUN 1983
WETZEL, Albert18 AUG 183523 SEP 1916
WETZEL, AlbertBEF 17801805
WETZEL, Albert Jr.17 FEB 1861
WETZEL, Albert?BEF 1760
WETZEL, Aloisius Jakobus
WETZEL, Aloysius Joseph (Louis)15 JUN 188025 MAR 1967
WETZEL, Amanda Elizabeth18 Feb 1874
WETZEL, Ann1843
WETZEL, Anna1803
WETZEL, Anna Friederika
WETZEL, Anna Maria12 AUG 165724 MAY 1709
WETZEL, Annabel1916
WETZEL, Annabel1916
WETZEL, Annette April Theodorsa etc.20 NOV 1979
WETZEL, Annie Cleophie24 FEB 1655/568 JUN 1727
WETZEL, Arthur
WETZEL, Augustis Peter21 FEB 187030 MAR 1950
WETZEL, Barbara17711863
WETZEL, Bernd4 NOV 193815 SEP 1975
WETZEL, Bertha AvonelleABT. 1904
WETZEL, Betty Jane1 Jul 19328 Apr 1990
WETZEL, Brandon
WETZEL, Brett Tyler
WETZEL, Brett Tyler
WETZEL, Bruce Lee
WETZEL, Burnell M.ABT 1920
WETZEL, Burnell M.ABT 1920
WETZEL, Catharina
WETZEL, Catherine30 JUL 190521 APR 1987
WETZEL, Catherine17751845
WETZEL, Catherine Matilda5 SEP 182330 NOV 1866
WETZEL, Chad Lee
WETZEL, Charles29 JAN 17896 DEC 1863
WETZEL, Charles
WETZEL, Charlie C.12 MAY 1879
WETZEL, Cheryl Dianne27 MAY 1946
WETZEL, Christina Nicole
WETZEL, Christopher Robert10 SEP 1992
WETZEL, Christopher Todd2 JAN 19792 JAN 1979
WETZEL, Claus? Ou Clewin
WETZEL, Clawelin
WETZEL, Clawin,Kanneng.zu Colmar
WETZEL, Clawlin
WETZEL, Dale Eugene9 Jun 1936
WETZEL, David1 FEB 1969
WETZEL, David1 FEB 1969
WETZEL, David Glen12 DEC 1979
WETZEL, David Weldon
WETZEL, Debra Jean8 Dec 1958
WETZEL, Dick Taylor11 DEC 1984
WETZEL, Doris Lynn
WETZEL, Edna Ethel28 Oct 1890
WETZEL, Egenolph.. 1465BEF .. 1529
WETZEL, Egenolph.. 1558
WETZEL, Elias04 NOV 160828 APR 1674
WETZEL, Elias?.. 1636
WETZEL, Elisabeth
WETZEL, Eliza J.23 FEB 185429 JUL 1934
WETZEL, Elizabeth1923
WETZEL, Elizabeth1923
WETZEL, Elizabeth1793
WETZEL, Elizabeth1777
WETZEL, Erin Jane10 NOV 1988
WETZEL, Erna19 May 190528 Nov 1969
WETZEL, Erna19 May 190528 Nov 1969
WETZEL, Flora9 OCT 188029 SEP 1964
WETZEL, Francis12 APR 1863
WETZEL, Frank George
WETZEL, FrederichWFT Est 1854-1883WFT Est 1908-1968
WETZEL, FrederichWFT Est 1854-1883WFT Est 1908-1968
WETZEL, Geneva Carol
WETZEL, Genevieve M.6 MAY 18832 MAY 1971
WETZEL, Georg Jakob1797
WETZEL, George21 MAY 1795
WETZEL, George1750AFT. 1774
WETZEL, George17311827
WETZEL, George
WETZEL, Gerhard
WETZEL, Glen Douglas
WETZEL, Glen Theodore1 SEP 1959
WETZEL, GlennardJul 1940Jul 1980
WETZEL, Glennard AlanPrivate
WETZEL, Grayson
WETZEL, Grayson
WETZEL, Harry1847
WETZEL, Hattie
WETZEL, Hattie M.28 Oct 188818 Jul 1957
WETZEL, Heather
WETZEL, HeinrichABT .. 1260AFT .. 1304
WETZEL, Heinrich? Der AlteAFT .. 1304
WETZEL, Helen Deuel1894
WETZEL, Helen Deuel1894
WETZEL, Hennin (Hans)
WETZEL, Henry1781
WETZEL, Huegelin
WETZEL, Ida A.ABT 1868
WETZEL, Ida M1932
WETZEL, Ida M.18671957
WETZEL, Ida M.18671957
WETZEL, Ida Maycir 186012 AUG 1956
WETZEL, IrmgardABT .. 1290.. 1320
WETZEL, Israel
WETZEL, Jackie Lynn8 Dec 1958
WETZEL, Jacob17461824
WETZEL, Jacob1783
WETZEL, Jacob Levi
WETZEL, James H.12 MAR 1871
WETZEL, James Henry
WETZEL, Jane Jeanette3 JUL 1965
WETZEL, Jaret David
WETZEL, Jason Drew
WETZEL, Jeffrey Keeler10 OCT 1958
WETZEL, Jena Jolene17 SEP 1974
WETZEL, Jennie Bella__ APR 1862
WETZEL, Jill JoAnn16 NOV 1970
WETZEL, Joe Bailey10 FEB 1907
WETZEL, Joe Steven
WETZEL, Johann Baltazar
WETZEL, Johannes2 NOV 1845
WETZEL, Johannes
WETZEL, John1845
WETZEL, John19 OCT 180612 SEP 1858
WETZEL, John1779
WETZEL, John Arthur1890
WETZEL, John Arthur1890
WETZEL, John Charles24 APR 191023 MAR 1992
WETZEL, John Frederick1800
WETZEL, John Wiley6 NOV 187429 AUG 1938
WETZEL, John William
WETZEL, John William
WETZEL, John William
WETZEL, Joseph5 DEC 181911 JUN 1905
WETZEL, Joseph19 DEC 1944
WETZEL, Joy Jeanine2 JUN 1964
WETZEL, Julia AABT 1863
WETZEL, Julia AABT 1863
WETZEL, Katherine6 MAR 185228 NOV 1912
WETZEL, Katherine Keeler25 APR 1982
WETZEL, Kim Mariah
WETZEL, Kurtis John25 MAY 1990
WETZEL, Leone Mary
WETZEL, Leslie Jo
WETZEL, Linda Carolyn
WETZEL, Living
WETZEL, Living
WETZEL, Living
WETZEL, Living
WETZEL, Living
WETZEL, Lloyd Gerald26 APR 1950
WETZEL, Lorena A
WETZEL, Louisa C
WETZEL, Louisa C
WETZEL, Lydia20 NOV 182623 DEC 1911
WETZEL, Macy Leanna
WETZEL, Malisa A.
WETZEL, Marc Douglas
WETZEL, Marcus Joe
WETZEL, Margaret26 DEC 186616 OCT 1967
WETZEL, Margaret1792
WETZEL, Margaret Ann
WETZEL, Margaret Jane18 Jul 1891
WETZEL, Mariah Kaylynn
WETZEL, Marian Melissa
WETZEL, Marilyn Ann
WETZEL, Markus.. 1530.. 1579
WETZEL, Marshel Lynn
WETZEL, Martha3 NOV 1877
WETZEL, Martin.. 1470
WETZEL, Mary1797
WETZEL, Mary1837
WETZEL, Mary Anne
WETZEL, Mary Eva4 SEP 187328 JUN 1949
WETZEL, Mary Josephine11 JUN 18645 DEC 1947
WETZEL, Mary K.18 APR 1929
WETZEL, Mary M.ABT 1847
WETZEL, Mary Martha1901
WETZEL, Mary Martha1901
WETZEL, Mathias, marchand
WETZEL, Michael1807
WETZEL, Michael
WETZEL, Michael Wayne
WETZEL, Minnie Albers1891
WETZEL, Minnie Albers1891
WETZEL, Morris Wayne19 AUG 1912
WETZEL, Nadine Stefanie18 DEC 1987
WETZEL, Nancy Grace18 AUG 190519 APR 1995
WETZEL, Nancy K.30 JUL 1875
WETZEL, Nelson Charles29 DEC 1942
WETZEL, Oscar Lee
WETZEL, Parker__ APR 186112 SEP 1862
WETZEL, Paul Aaron
WETZEL, Paul Estial4 Feb 190620 Nov 1987
WETZEL, Paul Weldon
WETZEL, Peter17741 JUL 1837
WETZEL, Peter18091881
WETZEL, Rebecca1777Bef 1870
WETZEL, Rena Mary Magdalen16 FEB 18609 NOV 1920
WETZEL, Renee Lynn20 APR 1989
WETZEL, Robert10 MAR 1964
WETZEL, Robert WaynePrivate
WETZEL, Ronald Paul
WETZEL, Roy10 SEP 1941
WETZEL, Roy Gerhard20 MAR 1967
WETZEL, RussellBef 1986
WETZEL, Sadie Nicole
WETZEL, Sadie Nicole
WETZEL, Samuel1801
WETZEL, SamuelABT JAN 18501925
WETZEL, Sarah1790
WETZEL, Sarah V. ("Sallie")186526 NOV 1918
WETZEL, Sarah Warner28 APR 1991
WETZEL, Selta Jean
WETZEL, Sherri Nell
WETZEL, Shirley
WETZEL, Simeon16 DEC 182330 DEC 1899
WETZEL, Solomon
WETZEL, Sophia1806
WETZEL, Stephen J.6 APR 186922 JAN 1963
WETZEL, Susan Irene3 DEC 1982
WETZEL, Susannah1785
WETZEL, Sven6 SEP 1966
WETZEL, Theodore John10 JAN 19119 FEB 1982
WETZEL, Theresa28 JUN 1949
WETZEL, Thomas J.
WETZEL, Timothy Daniel
WETZEL, Troy Harvey31 JUL 1969
WETZEL, Ursula13 JUN 1675
WETZEL, Violet20 JUN 185121 JUL 1923

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